i love mirrors-Is Facebook’s Slingshot a Clone App of Snapchat?

Snapchat’s wide base of teenage followers and users has prompted the development of many

third party apps and other companies to companies to come up with a similar app. But nothing

can ever beat the unique feature of Snapchat involving the appearing and disappearing of photos

and videos within the stipulated time. The app Snapchat is one of a kind because of its unique

features and user-friendly interface. Many similar apps have come up but did not succeed in

compeering with Snapchat. Some lost into oblivion in its attempt to gain popularity and some

apps are still struggling to be known to others. The introduction of these apps could not affect the

status of Snapchat among the users.

Facebook’s latest app-Slingshot

Facebook lately launched an app similar to that of Snapchat. Critics all over the world are

viewing this as a desperate attempt by Facebook to attract the attention of the teenagers who are

getting detached for the popular social networking site. Some critics also feel that Facebook

has taken this deliberate step after the failure to acquire Snapchat for a lump sum amount of

three billion dollars. The app developed by the Creative Labs of Facebook is known a Slingshot.

Now the inevitable question lies in the fact whether Facebook’s Slingshot will be able to attain

the same momentum as that of Snapchat and whether Facebook can regain its base of teenage

followers through this app.I Love MirrorsI Love Mirrors

Difference of feature between Snapchat and Slingshot

Slingshot developed by Facebook is a bit different from that of Snapchat. In this mobile photo

and video sharing app, the photos and the videos can be viewed only when the recipient

responds by sending his own photo or video. The app allows the users to share their photos and

videos that last only for a limited time just as Snap chat. Had there not been the spin, Facebook’s

Slingshot would have been called the clone of Snapchat. The creator of the app claims that the

app was developed with the view that the disappearing messages makes an app more appealing

to this generation who prefer to snap than text. The ephemeral nature of the photos and video

makes it more spontaneous, expressive and raw. It will allow the users to share their photos in a

way as everyone lives; only for the moment.

Unique feature of Slingshot

According to the creators of Slingshot, the unique feature of Slingshot involves the fact that

the photos and the videos can be shared only if the other person or the recipient reciprocates

with his or her own photo or video. The main aim for making Slingshot was to make everyone

participate which creates less pressure and provides more room for creativity and spontaneity.

This unique spin can be the only unique way to market the app in the world of photo sharing app

which is getting saturated day by day with the cutting-edge technology. This can be the only sin

to differentiate Slingshot from Snap chat.


It will be exciting to discover whether Facebook’s Slingshot can compete with Snapchat and

gain back popularity of the teenagers.

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