i like ice cream cake do you want one-Snapchat, the modern age companion of the next generation teens

Teen hood is the most difficult phase of human lives no doubt. It’s the phase, when the

sudden advent of hormonal and the psychological changes, expose them to the world of

maturity, and on the other hand make them prey to the millions of dangers that have been

lurking, under cover the periphery of modern society. The modern 21st century is better

known as the age of technology, which has been envisaging a wide array of explosive

technological evolution around the entire world. Such abrupt development of technology

insists billions of new inventions which improvise the human lifestyle, by adding the pinch of

modernity to it. The popularity of modern age technology is prominently evident amongst the

youngsters. Snapchat is the brand new addition to this list, which have brought a

revolutionary change in the modern world of public communication. An undoubtedly it’s the

teen world which find snap chat, as the smartest and most exiting way to communicate with

their pals.

What is snap chat?

Basically, Snapchat is a photo-messaging app which allows one to send a text message along

with a picture or video clip to a specific recipient. Generally, by using this application the

senders get the chance to fix any clicked photo or recorded video to a chat, and send it to a

recipient. Such images or clips are known as “snaps”. This advanced app was developed by

the trio-Bobby Murphy, Reggie Brown and Evan Spegial- the former Stanford students.

According to a school of researchers, the users of this application sent approximately 700

million of video clips and photos per day, in 2014. Such wide array of teen ager craze has

become the key source, which elongates its world wide popularity.I Like Ice Cream Cake Do You Want OneI Like Ice Cream Cake Do You Want One

Snap chat, a way to fun

Teen hood is that phase of life, when a person just wanders over the threshold of adolescence

and enters into the unknown world of adultery. Swinging between these two phases, a teen

ager becomes puzzled often. Their uninvited physical and psychological change moves them

away from the elders. Hence, they find the other teens more reliable. But due to some bounds,

it’s become impossible for them to spend all the time in the world along with their

companions. Hence, communicating through the internet or cell phone becomes the only way

to keep in touch. The arrival of snap chat makes it thousand times easier for the teens to stay

connected to their pals even for 24X7.

Twist in happy ending

Like any other thing, the snap chat also leaves some probabilities that can lead a teen to dig

its own well of destruction sometimes. Some teens find the snap chat, as the perfect way to

share personal snapchat pictures or the snaps of private moments or the explicit videos

amongst their friends. Such idiotic and nonsense decisions of the teens make them to fall prey

to the danger of snapchat leaked photos.


But such circumstances are only dependant on the user of it. Humans have got brain that the

snap chat lacks. It’s more like the Genie of Aladdin, who obeys its master blindly. Hence, it’s

the responsibility of the master to manipulate it in a proper and healthy way.

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