i just vomited a rainbow i am that excited

Snapchat- the messaging app in brief

Snapchat not only revoluzined the idea of messaging photos to friends but also can take on with

the big daddy ‘Facebook’ in terms of innovativeness and increasing popularity. No wonder that

Facebook’s Mark Zukerbeg had recently offered to buy Snapchat out and was duly rejected by

the co-founders of Snapchat.

With the help of Snapchatleaked.com – the free, online platform where the snapchat users can

upload and share their Snapchat images unlimitedly, after downloading them from the messaging

app, Snapchat’s fame is growing by leaps and bounds these days.
I Just Vomited A Rainbow I Am That ExcitedI Just Vomited A Rainbow I Am That Excited

Snapchat- fed each party their shares

During this time, Reggie Brown came up claiming his rights, and now the question of that time

was- would he even show up if Snapchat ran low? Or failed to earn users’ and media’s attention?

It seemed that Snapchat was the golden goose for many. The co-founders minting on regular

active users and venture partners, the media was minting on the story of Snapchat- another

miracle that was born inside the dorm of a prestigious university just like Facebook; users who

loved to read about Snapchat and getting ideas on what they could do with this iOS messaging

app and Reggie Brown- the English major who apparently had no such knack in technology,

filing lawsuits against the co-founders and getting the spotlight.


Though lastly Snapchat had settled the matter with Reggie Brown and the later was given due

credit, there is no denying that lawsuit story of Snapchat was all about timing and striking the

iron when it’s hot.

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