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Snapchat a cool Snap Capture System

Snapchat is a mobile application, which is used primarily as a video messenger. The mobile application runs both on Android and iOS for Apple based devices. Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown, develops it when they were students in Stanford University. It was one of their class projects.

I Hate My HairI Hate My Hair.
The application turned very successful and famous because of its social networking theme. It allows the user to take photographs and videos, which according to the applications are known as snaps. The user can send those snaps to their friends. The unique feature of this application, is that the sender can determine and limit the time the recipient is allowed to watch the snap. After the prefixed time by the sender, the picture will automatically delete from the receiver’s device. However those snaps remains in Snapchat server. Normally the range of the time is from 1 to 10 seconds that can be set by the sender.

What are the Features?

This application is very secure and safe for sending pictures and videos that the sender needs to be deleted from the receivers phone in short time. However, there might be a chance that anyone can easily take screenshot of the pictures. Snapchat developers have kept that in mind and hence have developed it likewise. The receiver needs to maintain the touch on their touch screen to view the image for the full time. If the touch is not maintained then the image does not open.
However, there are few limitations that even Snapchat developers unable to overcome. The safety measure of adjusting the touch screen can be overcome by capturing a picture of the whole receiver’s phone by another camera. That is why, the Snapchat developers have always warned their users not to share too much sensitive snaps via the snapchat application.
The main feature of the application is the quick and efficient photo sharing. Other photo sharing applications keep a track of the images shared via them. Haerly anybody is interested in the old pictures and it fills up lot of memory space of the phone. Snapchat, here is different. It deletes the images instantly and that is what makes it much more interesting than any other photo sharing application in the market currently.

Other Information

A recent survey reveals that teenagers or people under the age of 25 mainly use the application. For its trendy photo sharing mobile application, but also the current trend of self-portrait pictures also known as selfies are taken and shared via the Snapchat. According to the stats by the company, 80% users of Snapchat are from United States of America hence the teenagers or the youth of USA are most fascinated by this application.
Later, 2013 even the many of well-known international marketing brands came down to use the Snapchat application for their own marketing purposes. Lately there is a huge controversy about spreading pornographic content through Snapchat. It can be dangerous as many of its users are under 18 years old. Snapchat was also hacked by a group of unknown hacker in 2013. So many of its users received snap spam or virus, which damages their phone.

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