i feel sexy-Countless personal pictures of snapchat users leaked, most of them “indiscreet”

While the snapchat picture app originally intended people to send pictures to each other that

they would normally avoid sending due to the matter of indiscretion and the fact that any pictures

that is shared on any other social messaging app gets stored in the device on which it is sent, this

app offered advantage like no other. The exclusive feature on which the app was supposed to

cash in was the feature of disappearing photos. Any shared photo or video that was going to be

shared on the application would automatically vanish from the user’s phone after a span of 24

hours after the user views the respective content. While all was going hunky dory, snapchat was

hit by the worst possible scenario that made headlines all through the world. Millions of intimate

and personal photos belonging to the users of this app were uploaded on a forum called 4chan by

anonymous hackers. While the users stayed rest assured that the photos had self-destroyed

themselves as the app had promised beyond doubt, the photos somehow found themselves in that


How did this happen?

After snapchat picture app was blamed for the entire catastrophe, the creators came forward in

a press conference clearing the air about the whole issue where they denied any allegation

against their poor quality security system. Instead they chose to point every bit of blame on some

third party app called Snapsaved which is an app via which the users of snapchat can store the

photos they receive before the application self-erases the pictures and which according to the

creators helped the hackers procure the stock photos in the first place. The same forum, on

which the hackers have started to upload the photos for the public to see, was used earlier to

release nude pictures of the famous celebrity Jennifer Lawrence which made headlines a while




The dire consequences

Because the snapchat picture app is built on the trust there would be no way to trace the photos

shares via this app after they disappear from the device of the users, many of the teenagers, all

aged under 18, carelessly shared compromising and sexy photographs without giving the

consequences of the photos getting leaked an additional thought. This is exactly what the app too

had hoped to gain recognition upon. However, instead of covering all the loop holes when it

comes to securing their users’ privacy, the app handled the matter in an amateur fashion. The

callousness in their part has now caused extremely unstable circumstance for the users of this

app who are likely to face lawsuits including the one for underage pornography if all of the stock

photos get released. If such lawsuits start to get filed against the snapchat users, not only would

there be a steady decline in the number of this app users but also could potentially bring the

company to the ground. Only time will tell if the creators of the app decides to finally step

forward and take the matters in their own hands, which is the only way out of this mess.

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