i cant see any domains and business names-Significance of Silicon Valley based Snapchat in the modern web application world

Remember those days when the Internet was just discovered and was very much in its nascent

stage. At that time and still now the Silicon Valley remained as an important place for different

IT companies to promote invention, innovation in the IT sector. Since then numerous software

companies have emerged and grown from here and this includes companies like Snapchat. It is

therefore very natural for a business, especially in the IT genre to have its business in the Silicon

Valley. It is definitely an ideal place to commence a business. But at the same time it is quite

costly to have spacious offices in this business hub. Only the big companies can aspire to have a

solid infrastructure, human resources in this part of the world.

Though from this argument, it is quite lucid that companies like Snapchat have the credentials to

start business from here, but a few incidents associated with the company have tarnished its

reputation to a considerable extent. In this regard it is pertinent to state that the company

promised its clients, customers quality services, products but failed miserably when it comes to

action. The previous versions of the software had a major snag that prevented it from functioning

properly.I Cant See Any Domains And Business NamesI Cant See Any Domains And Business Names

Also, owing to poor designs, hackers hacked accounts of millions of users of the application.

This resulted in the leakage of data. Also the leaked Snapchat picture was posted in in various

websites by hackers. This was a serious issue and users of that application felt that they were

deceived, cheated. As a consequence, they sought aid from the government agencies like the

Federal Trade Commission to impart adequate justice for the debacle on the part of the company.

Therefore, despite having office premises in a posh IT hub of the USA, the company failed

utterly to maintain its reputation among its users and clients. Nowadays, the company is being

adequately monitored by an independent agency and such monitoring will resume for a period of

20 years, according to a settlement agreement of the company with the FTC.

In the meantime, the company claims of taking the necessary steps to augment security and

privacy of its products. It has updated its product design and also made relevant alterations in the

privacy policy. It is, however, extremely important on the part of the users to go through such

policies as such practice is highly beneficial while using the product.

The company claims that in contemporary times, the updated versions of its products are highly

popular among users across the globe. They furnish user reviews as proof of their claim. Experts

believe that the company is not that old and therefore is still in the process of learning from its

experiences. User fraternity often makes suggestions to the company, which it incorporates in

order to make the product, in this case the Snapchat application more effective, efficient as well

as popular among the users. Surveys, suggest that more and more people prefer this app for

Snapchat picture sharing than any other application.

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