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Instagram hopes to shock Snapchat with new messaging Bolt

The trend in social networking

The world of social media is increasing its space and scope with every passing day. Due to

the evolution of smart phones and availability of internet at all places and times, is making

social networking very popular and convenient. Mainly, the convenient availability of

internet has changed the face social networking. The usage of Facebook, Instagram, and

Twitter has become outdated now.

Snapchat- the new talk of the town

Snapchat is a photo sharing application that lets the user send MMS type photograph to

the other person in just 3 east steps. The specialty that makes Snapchat famous is that the

photograph sent does not get saved and it just lasts for a period of 10 seconds. Now the

question that arises here is that it just takes a few seconds to take a screenshot. To end this

hassle, Snapchat has features built in while alerts the users if the sent picture is take screen

shot of by the recipient. This obviously does not help in deleting the photo but it alerts the

user to be away from people who use photos for wrong purposes.

Because of such a user friendly interface, and growing trend of usage of social networking

sites, it is quite evident that Snap chat has becoming very popular. The users can upload

photos, stories, videos and also embed pictures with texts. This application is like an all in

one application. Moreover, with the increased updates, Snapchat is growing popular day by

day. The photos can be filtered or edited, videos can be recorded, and photos can have texts

and can be sent within seconds. Apart from all these, Snap chat gives its users which are

most important in social networking these days, security. It has made the application more

famous to the teenagers and the youth generation.

Not only this, Snapchat updates its application after every fortnight. The increase in Snap

chat popularity has lead to excessive incurring of loses to other social networking sites. The

newest update by Snapchat is the ability to chat instantly. Apart from sending photos with

a single tap, now the users are able to send messages also. Instant messaging – a new trend

along with photo sharing has actually made other application investors fearful.

Bolt- the new competitor for Snapchat

Because of the increasing popularity, Instagram is now planning to introduce BOLT, a new

update that can make it possible for people to chat. Even though Instagram has Insta message

and direct message facilities, still they are not user friendly. You need to shift from one

app to another when using Insta message and direct messaging in instagram is very time

consuming. Additionally, the Facebook messenger too is not much user friendly. It takes the

user into another window. Moreover, the applications are affected with bugs and are leading

to slowing of mobile phones. Snap chat is the new all in one app and in order to compete

with it both Facebook and Instagram are investing in new innovating techniques. With fingers

crossed, things are put on time to decide their fate.

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