I came in like a wrecking ball-If Snapchat is Unsafe, It wouldn’t get investment from giants like Yahoo

They say something that gets popular, not only enjoys admiration, but criticism as well. No

matter how good you are, and how brilliant the features you possess, when it comes to

perspectives, there will be more opinions and perspectives against you than in your support.

This is the dilemma of almost everything including applications. Bad, but true!

Something similar happened and quite often, happens to the famous application, Snapchat.

The whole internet world was full of the news about safety and security vulnerabilities of

Snapchat. There were few obstacles and small faults in the security system but the news and

allegations against the application was that it is purposely selling the data and information of

its users and is making money through it.

Incidents that gave fire to these allegations:

These allegations against the snapchat app caught more velocity when the news of snapchat

leaked pictures hit the internet world. People started believing that allegations against

snapchat app are true, and snapchat leaked pictures are proof of those allegation. Apart

from that, the hack of snapchat server, and then release of snapchat leaked pictures by the

hackers’ added spice to this news. Though the company apologized and agreed that security

system had some faults and took immediate action on it, but denied any involvement in

selling data to third party.I Came In Like A Wrecking BallI Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Ye

Impact of these allegations:

Though expert believe that raising allegation against snapchat app was actually a part of a

bigger plot. The allegations were made to decrease the popularity this app is getting, and

earning. A lot of other social media and networking companies felt this application as a threat

and thus created a lobby against this app. However, all these allegations worked in favor of

this app. It gained high popularity on internet. The impact rather was positive, as the number

of users began increasing exponentially, gradually making the application one of the most

used application.

Impact of Yahoo’s Investment:

When the news of Yahoo investing in Snapchat came in to news, it did not surprise experts,

however the general public were taken a bit by surprise. Experts did not surprise because,

they knew the condition yahoo was in. with investment in alibaba.com, yahoo considerably

made a good profit. This meant that investing in fast growing and upcoming application is

extremely profitable. On the other hand, growing market acquisition of Facebook and Google

is also a sign of worry. Under such circumstances, Yahoo coming together with this app was

quite natural and a profitable move.

The general publics were taken by surprise because they on one hand were reading news in

which this app was being accused and allegations were put against its security and safety

policies. On the other hand, they heard that one of the oldest and biggest technology

companies, Yahoo is going to invest in this application company. So it was quite a surprising

element for them.

Final Impact:

The final impact of all these news on this app was quite clear. People could trust on the

application and could easily discard the news of its insecure features. Through Yahoo

investing, this company also gained credibility in market.

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