Battle for the top spot in social network-i am your worst nightmare

Competitions were always there in the past for being the best. Nowadays also they are there.

In fact, with the advanced technology, the competitions have been intensified for the top spot

in any field and none of the competitors are ready to give the others any scope, even by hook

or crook. In such situations, if you fall back once, the chances of recovery are very less. This

situation is prevalent everywhere, including the market of online social networks. Well, you

must be familiar with the online social networks like facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. Even

a kid will also be able to tell that facebook is the top online social network. But recently, it is

losing its market. Thanks to the awesome features provided by the various upcoming apps. It

has also tried to take some necessary measures and added some really good features. And in

case they didn’t work out, it has taken over the ownership of the app in return of a good deal

of money. The best example is the famous messaging app Whatsapp.
I Am Your Worst NightmareI Am Your Worst Nightmare

The details and history of the app

It was back in the month of July, 2011 that the app was first launched under the name of

Picaboo. It was mainly a photo sharing app. The developers included Evan Spiegel and

Reggie Brown. Unlike most other apps, it was not developed for launching worldwide.

Instead, it was designed as a normal class project for Spiegel. They both were students of

Stanford University. It may be hard to believe that a simple class project can grow such big

and provide facility for some 700 million photos being sent per day. The duo later introduced

Bobby Murphy who is also a student of Stanford University, into the group of developers.

As of now, the list of developers of the app includes the three students involved in designing

the app along with some other names also. The other names are Daniel Smith, Leo Noah

Katz, and David Kravitz. So, it is a bigger company now and the market value is US $10

billion. So, you can very well imagine how large the company is.

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