i am a worm you like it or not

Why is Snapchat so important?

Snapchat is one of the most used Apps of the current applications world. Thus, any smart phone

that can indulge or engage users of this app will get a boost in its sales figure. That is what

every smart phone company is looking for the extra edge that this app can provide, in the stiff

competitive market. Developing features in the smart phone and making them friendlier to be

used for this app, will be a good opportunity and is actually being focused by almost every top

notch company.
I Am A Worm You Like It Or NotI Am A Worm You Like It Or Not

Companies that have worked towards this app:

Apart from making their smart phones more powerful and advanced, Companies have constantly

worked towards those features which are used in this app. For instance, Camera. Camera

as discussed earlier in this article plays a good role in using this app. Thus, companies are

constantly developing their camera features. Nokia in its Lumia 1020 included a 41 Mega Pixel

camera, with Xenon flash and 3X zoom features. This meant a new revolution in the technology

world, because such a high resolution camera would give you one of the best qualities of

pictures. Evidently, sales of Nokia Lumia increased, and so was downloading of this app on

this model of Nokia. Samsung and Motorola too have developed their cameras as well as screen

display, to click and view pictures of high definition. Apple has also incorporated best camera

features in its models seeing the growing trend of this app.

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