i also want to be a coach – Third party app threats the privacy of the users

Snapchat has warned its users against being exploited with the interference of the third party

app. the members of the app have cautioned the 100 million users of the app across the oceans

to be on the safe by avoiding a third party app alongside using snap chat. This app is known for

its amazing feature. It allows its users to click photos and share them instantly but unlike other

apps, it does not allow the clicked photos to be saved on the storage memory of the company’s

server. Though users set a time limit for each clicked photo and they naturally get deleted from

the server of the website. But in a recent study, it came to the fore that the snaps really don’t get

removed, they sometimes become saved by the third party application and they can be retrieved


Using of a third party app must be stopped:

A third party service that established a connection to the server of the app hack the photos of the

users and they can become a threat to the privacy of the users. It has been revealed that stolen

snapchat pictures have become published on other sites allegedly. Among those photos there

were tens of thousands sexually explicit photos. The whole incident had left a grave impact on

the lives of 200,000 users of the app snapchat. The company has accused the third party server

for the infringement of privacy of the users. They have added further to their statement that that

is the reason they have not provided a public API to the developers. This is probably the second

time since the breach has been reported. The application has reported that the third party services

had been at fault. Users can risk their privacy by using a third party application. The company

members have published a recent study where it is clearly stated that the photos and the videos

that are shared by the users finally end up being saved on the memory of the third party server.

The company of the ephemeral photo messaging has said that that is the reason why they have

not included an API on their clause on their terms and policies of the company membership.

Innocents have fallen victim:

Research says that teens and kids are the mostly users of the app and they are more prone to click

photos that are sexually tinged. On being hacked by the third party app, they have fallen victims

of sexually exploitation. This must be stopped. If it continues at this rate then there will come a

grave trouble and a threat for the privacy of the users. Users are pleaded not to be using a third

party app and not to send the pics that can threat their privacy. In a recent news, there has come

a shocking news to hear, a very famous actress have been fallen a direct victim of third party app

while she was using the app. she labeled it as a sex crime that has shattered her mentally.

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