The Snappening- When Snapchatters privacy breached for the second time-hurry up robin jokers getting away

When Snapchat was hacked in October 2014 (The Snappening), many put the onus partly on

the Snapchat-authority also, as the very existence of Snapchat is based upon the ‘disappearing’

nature of its images. So when 200,000 private pictures were leaked , it also shook the belief

of users from the core, that even the ‘so-called’ tight security system of Snapchat picture

app felt so vulnerable in the hands of hackers. Also if the ‘ephemeral’ nature of the images of

Snapchat is its USP, then it was expected that the privacy of the pictures will also be guarded

but Snappening proved that what Snapchat claimed and what it delivered is starkly different.

Why Snapchat can’t shake off the blames of photo leaks completely?

Snappening came soon after Fappening- the notorious celeb nude photo- leak that put celebs

like Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, and Kate Upton in awkward positions. In Case of Fappening,

a web forum called 4Chan- breached the security code of iCloud and released the scandalous

celeb images. The same group is also assumed to be the mastermind behind Snappening, but as

no celebrity names have been involved so far with it; Snappening seems less glamorous than

Fappening- from the point of view of media attention.

In case of Snapchat photo leak, it has come to light that a third-party application called’s server had been breached to release those images.

started its existence in the year of 2013, and though Snapchat had been repeatedly made aware

of the presence of these sites or apps where- any user can save their seemingly ‘disappeared’

images by downloading or taking screenshots; no effective move has been taken so far by the

messaging app. So when after ‘Snappening’, came forward and admitted

that it’s their server that had been violated by the hackers to leak those innumerable numbers

of photos; it had put a big question on the affirmative statement which Snapchat makes too

often that- it’s team keeps a vigilant eyes on the third-party apps by raiding android app store

and Google’s Play on a regular basis and they have successfully taken down many such apps.

But the reality is something different. If you go to app store in order to find any such third-
party apps for leaked Snapchat photos, you shall be amazed to find them in bulk, in the forms

of ‘Snapbox’, ‘Snap Upload’ etc.
Hurry Up Robin Jokers Getting AwayHurry Up Robin Jokers Getting Away

Is ‘sexting’ also made Snappening such a grave issue?

For many, the very product-offering of Snapchat defies logic as it involves disappearing images.

But the truth is that- when Snapchat came to light, it was solely a platform to share funny,

quirky, banal yet light moments of your life with friends. However, with the growing trend of

exchanging nude photos of teenagers (aged between 14-17 years) via Snapchat was the bone of

contention for many, who look for unadulterated fun through a photo-sharing app. So one may

wonder that, whether the serious crime of child pornography that has now been attached with

the leak of 200,000 nude teenager-images, had now made ‘The Snappening’ such a sensational

topics in social media

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