hunk-Why The Teenage App-Snapchat Is Constantly In News?

Today’s generation prefers to snap than to text which made snappening the new happening

behavior in today’s world. They find replying to text tedious and boring rather they feel that

photos and videos can speak volumes. If anyone asks them what they are up to, they can simply

send a photo via the latest and advanced photo-sharing apps instead of typing down the whole

matter. Conversation through images and videos are more appealing and provides enough room

for creativity. The mobile apps that allow the users to send and share their pics and videos or

converse through the Snapchat pics are coming into the fore-front and Snapchat is one of those

smart apps which are leading the group of photo-sharing apps.

What makes Snapchat so popular?

Snapchat is leading the list of the photo-sharing apps among all other apps for it’s out of the

box feature which allows the users to send photos and videos that are self-destructive in nature.

This made snappening more fun for the users as the photos sent through this app appeared

and disappeared in no time. The self-destructive nature of the photos encouraged the users to

share their privates Snapchat pics and videos as they knew that it will be deleted and cannot

be recovered. Many users used the platform to send love pictures and funny images. Snapchat

came into the news first because of its popularity among the teenagers.HunkHunk

What are the controversies regarding Snapchat?

Snap chat indulged into controversies like the leak of almost 13 GB of photos in the online

hacking sites. This created a huge controversy with users speculating about the safety of using

the platform for sending pictures and videos. Many people claimed the leak of the pictures was

a result of breach of security measures taken by Snapchat and their servers were hacked. But

Snapchat came up in its defense claiming that their servers were never hacked as they maintain a

strict protocol for the safety of their database and blamed it upon the users who used third party-
apps. The other controversy created by Snap chat was the leak of usernames and other personal

information of the users. Snaphat again blamed it on the third-party apps where the users are

required to give their credentials. However, Snapchat’s claims are not being proved yet.

Did Facebook really tried to takeover Snapchat?

The news that created quite a buzz was that Facebook tried to takeover Snapchat with 3 billion

dollars in cash and Snapchat turned down the offer without a second thought. The attempt of

Facebook to take over Snapchat is viewed by the critics as a desperate attempt to revive its

teenage fan base. Even Facebook admitted that teenagers are spending less time in the social

network. The decision of Snapchat to turn down the offer of Facebook kept critics speculating

whether they had some bigger plans or just did not want to be just another Facebook acquisition

just like Instagram.


All the controversies did not seem to affect the fan base of Snapchat; rather its popularity

increased to twofold for being in news constantly.

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