Share every moment without leaving a trace-Human Hotdog

Memories are always cherished by people. For the last two decades people are trying to preserve

their memories and the journey begins with Nichephore Niepce, the person who first invented a

photographed camera. It does not need excellent intelligence to assume it was not advanced like

modern days camera. And after that the camera is evolving through changes. Now we can store

thousands of images, thousands of stilled time. Sometimes people wear crazy dresses; do lots of

crazy stuffs, just to take and post pictures in social sites or to share it with friends. Sometimes

phone’s storage capacity gets filled up.

Human Hotdog

Human Hotdog

Add zing into your life

Add flash into your boring life, texting your friends, updating your status is so common, do

something unusual, try something new, send instant photo; Share your every look with your

loved once. Try to help your mom by lessening her worries about your activity. Send her your

every minute’s situation by Snapchat and get closer to her.

Make your grandparents a little happy. Do not make them feel alone rather share your photos

with them and asked them to share their images. They will feel they are actually cared and not



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