how to uninstall snap story app update

What is Snapchat?

Like any other messaging app, snapchat is also used for messaging and social networking.

However, in this app, the user can take pictures and videos, add drawings and text to it, and

can send to recipients of their choice. Sounds simple right, but the twist is that the receiver of

the ‘snaps’ can only see it for a fixed duration of time, after which it gets deleted forever. The

app gives the sender an option to send their snaps with a timer.
How To Uninstall Snap Story App UpdateHow To Uninstall Snap Story App Update

Features that Makes Snapchat so popular:

• Free app: Like most of the popular app, this app is also available for free. Being free

comes as an advantage for the users. They can try the app without thinking much as it

comes for free. Once you try the feature, you are more likely to like it. The hardest thing

is to make people try. That is done by making the app free.

• Cool and new Concept: The concept of sharing snaps, free photos, and videos was

quite new and unique. This caught people’s eye and made it popular. Also the stock

images would disappear after a fixed time left you with option of clicking more and more


• Small size App: The size of the app is quite small, and thus you do not need to think

much about your data plan in downloading this app.

• Easy to download, install and use: This app, being small in size is extremely easy to

download and install. Also, using the app is very easy with its easy to use interface, thus

making it one of the popular apps.

• Free photos to share: With this app, you can click free photos and share it anytime,

anywhere. You do not need to browse through stock images and select and send them

to your friends, or upload it on your social networking site. Simply click and share the

pictures instantly with this app.

• Click unlimited photos: Since the photos get deleted after a fixed time, one can click

unlimited photos and will not need to use your phone’s memory. Apart from that you can

share photos without storing them.

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