how to find out your snapchat username-New Scandal in Snapchat My Story Service

Modern technology and science have gifted us so many new inventions. It has made the

communication system easier. The social networking sites and applications are the most effective

mediums for the communication. In this age the social networking mediums have become the

most popular way for communicating. And Snapchat is one of the most popular social

networking apps in this age. And the popularity of the app is getting increased day by day. And

it is for its increasing features and usefulness. Millions of users are engage in sharing their

pictures and videos through this app.

Snapchat explicit through My Story

Snapchat has started a new service named My Story. In this service the users can tell their stories

with the Snapchat friends. An account with user name SJSUYAK was engage in posting in My

Stories of Snapchat. The users posted many objects regarding drug addict and sexual images of

the students. Some other users were also using this account. And the account was allowing the

users to get those pictures from there. But this thing has stirred all the sectors very much.

Snapchat had deactivated the account soon after this news. But this thing has a huge change in

the mind of the general Snapchat users.

how to find out your snapchat username
how to find out your snapchat username

What the experts say about it?

The experts are saying that this has done only by some individual users who have taken this

popular social networking site in an evil purpose. There are many users who do not take this app

normally as a picture sharing app. They are taking this app to spread sexuality among the users.

But this is not the purpose of Snapchat. The app was created for a creative purpose. People are

allowed to share their emotion through the nice pictures and videos. Snapchat has started this

new service My Story for providing more opportunity to the users, to provide the users more

helpful features. But some users are taking this feature for bad purpose.

Bad use of Snapchat

Many users share their nude pictures in this app. Some also share the intimate love pictures and

videos with the friends. Many users do dirty conversation with their friends. Some also take the

medium of My Story for sharing their sexual feelings and adult pictures. And for that the hackers

get insisted, they are engage in hacking those explicit pictures and videos. And after that they

disclose those pictures in various websites. Some also take screenshot6s of the Snapchat explicit

pictures. There are various apps available in the market those allows the users to take the

screenshots of those pictures.

This scandal in Snapchat My Story by the account name SJSUYAK has stirred the social

networking sites. In fact this is a very big scandal of this social networking app. The app is has

engaged its features with various new services, and this updating is running. But some users are

talking those features for their evil purpose. Snapchat has removed this very account. The app

has said to update its security system more.

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