How to delete snapchat facebook replay by Joost

To ensure that phones are an object of necessity, just imagine a situation. You are out there in

your city at the crowded railway station and you have to receive a friend who is new to the city.

How will you feel? Life seems so complicated right, that without a phone, how would you just

manage. There was a considerable long time, when people managed without phones, and they

did quite well. The modernization of technology has both good and bad effects on our lifestyle.

However, the good things about the modern technology are many including super cool apps like

How To Delete Snapchat Facebook Replay By JoostHow To Delete Snapchat Facebook Replay By Joost

Snapchat’s Format of Photo messaging:

This app revolutionized the photo messaging system completely. In this app, the user can click

picture, add drawings or texts as caption, select recipient and can send it to them. However, the

key here is that the message will only be displayed to the recipient for a small span of time, and

then gets deleted forever. The time for which the snap appears to the receiver is set by the sender,

and can be within 1 to 10 seconds. With this feature, one could send unlimited pictures they wan

ted to share with someone, without worrying about phone’s memory usage etc.

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