how is the new underwear that i bought-Snapchat Deceiving The User In The Name Of Privacy

There are numerous questions about the security of the app Snapchat. The people are getting

threats that the photos that they are sharing with the app are getting leaked. This is a real thing

and the users who are using the app to send some personal and private you have to be careful.

You might think that the photos you are sending with the app are getting deleted within the time

set by you. But the real things is not so. The photos are definitely getting deleted. But the photos

are somehow leaked to be shared in other websites. Thus the users are careful as you might see

one of your photos in the leaked photos website. You might be the next target thus find out what

is the real problem behind these photos getting leaked. The photos that were initially getting

leaked were photos of celebrities and thus said to be spoofed. But it’s the teenagers who are now

facing the problem.

Photos that got leaked

Teenagers have seen that many photos are getting public without any consent. They are surprised

to see that the photos that they had sent from the app are simply disappearing from the profiles.

The presence of the photos is really shocking for those who have presumed that their photos will

get deleted. The term of the app said that the photos will be deleted within the time fixed but who

would have known the photos will be leaked after deletion.How Is The New Underwear That I BoughtHow Is The New Underwear That I Bought

Safety quotient

Thus the app is not doing its work. The main reason of deletion of snaps is of no use if the

photos are available in the websites that have easy access to public. The photos will get deleted;

this term itself is proving to be deceiving. If the photos gets leaked after getting deleted from

the receiver’s mobile then what is the use of the app. Users are questioning about the security

quotient as even the usernames and passwords are getting hacked.

The probable reasons

There were lots of speculations about how the snaps might have got leaked. The authorities

finally confirmed that the server that internally stores the app is somehow hacked by someone.

This is to be found out and the app authorities are taking responsibility of the situation now. But

earlier they have been blaming the third party apps. These apps were considered to save the

snapshots of the photos before deleting and work in spreading the photos in the different leaked

photo websites. There were even questions on trust with whom the photos were being shared.

There were speculations that the receivers are taking snapshots of the private photos and sharing

the photo later. Thus users were asked to be careful about the people to whom they are sending

the photos.

To conclude

The authorities have confessed that there were some loopholes in the server handling but still

asking the users to take care of the other probable reasons to avoid the problems. The technology

is for fun and not for crime is the call of the authority.

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