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Marketing is a core driver for any business to run and function. Underlying these marketing

strategies skillfully to reach people effectively is an art which most of the decision makers

tries to unravel. In April, of this year, Facebook launched its unique idea for marketing

advertisementby making their videos auto play, so end-user have no option to watch them. This

was not well receivedfrom the Facebook’s users, and most of them developed annoyance and

frustrations with Facebook because of this move. So, marketing landscape should be laid out by

keep end-user’s perspective and his mind frame.

Snapchat’s First Move into Marketing

Ouija, a Universal Studios movie, raised a lot of eye brows as they launched the movie’s

promo as an ad on Snapchat application. This was an innovative move from their perspective as

Snapchat has more than 10 million active users to promote their movie. Thissnapchat video

trailer of 19-second was a success according to Universal studio executives and they are pleased

with this marketing integration. Snapchat as a platform has given a lot of exposure to their movie

according to their heads. No one actually released the numbers how many users actually chosen

to watch that Snapchat video in time-frame of 24 hours after its launch.

While other popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are still

experimenting with their ads and guessing the mind-set of the end-user. In this genre Snapchat

is different player because most of its subscribers are teen under age of 25 and 70% of its users

are female. So the audience is different here with respect to other social media sites which have

users from all ages.
How Is My New Lipstick Rate My New LipstickHow Is My New Lipstick Rate My New Lipstick

The disadvantages of pushed content

In Snapchat’s perspective there is dominance of teenagers which totally have different mind-set

and they might get pissed or frustrated if any marketing campaign push content at them. As in

this age the level of tolerance and acceptance is very low so this means of advertisement might

turn them off. They’re using this application for their own personal enjoyment and to spend

leisure time. So if you push mandatory content to them their usage might get deviated and most

of them will probably ignore that. People always prefer choice as an independent identity, you

can’t force them to watch or do things without their consent or approval.

Hampering their personal experience can result in drop-out user from the subscriber’s list or

even result to migration. This should be well thought of from the Snapchat’s perspective before

launching any ad campaign. You can offer any content to the end-user but you should always

give him freedom to opt-out from the same so that it doesn’t looks like a forced move on him.

Snapchat surely need to make money to run their business effectively,but consequences and

effectives should be well thought of.

According to Universal Studio the film ‘Ouija’ received tremendous weekend opening receiving

the top spot and made more than $20 million, with 75% of crowd under age of 25 and 61% of

them are females. All these are falling in place for Snapchat, everything worked well according

to the stats but the future campaigns should be well thought of considering the teen-ager’s state

of mind and their attitude.

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