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Deals those others giants also had to go through

Even Twitter had to strike an audit deal with the agency when the tech company’s credentials

in the form of passwords were hacked in the year 2010. Again in the year 2011, Google and

Facebook had to welcome 20-year audit deals of the agency. Later in the year 2012, it was time

for Myspace to follow suit.

But it is well understood that such agreements prove to be futile as they fail to change the way

in which private data in the form of photos, text, and videos is handled by tech companies. The

company deals with the FTC and other government agencies do make the enterprises careful, but

this is not enough and so many people feel that such agreements are merely aimed at injecting

the dose of legitimacy to the company’s future course of action.
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Better data privacy

However, as an outcome of the agreement with the government agency, the service provider

became more committed to the privacy of its users. Tougher data security measures were put into

place. The various system vulnerabilities are now being adequately handled. The security lapse

in the company’s service tarnished its image in the corporate world. Therefore, the company is

taking all steps necessary not to repeat such errors in the future.

The company service is a web based application that allows users globally to upload picture

contents and shares them with their families, friends and colleagues.

The servers in the enterprise were therefore targeted and attacked. The company was a startup

and was vulnerable to attack from hackers. It thus failed to secure their servers and as a

consequence leakage of the data in the form of user pictures could not be prevented from

occurring. Like this company there are many other companies operating globally who also have

not adequate facilities to prevent attack from hackers. It is therefore government agencies are

coming to the forefront to ensure that budding companies act in compliance with the terms and

services of Google. This is not only for the interest of the company, but also for the number

of users who uses the services of the service provider. With government monitoring on these

entities faiths of the customers remains with the company and this aids in the business operations

to run smoothly and effectively.

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