How do you view Snapchats more than once?

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How do you view Snapchats more than once?

Generally when you send or receive Snapchats, they disappear after around a period of ten seconds. So it becomes difficult to capture and store them. But now a new feature of replay is made for this purpose.

If you have clicked a picture and want to see it again, you just need to tap the replay button. This would allow you to have a view of your photo for more than once. Also, there is no need to worry if you have deleted the pictures which you have sent or received.

There is forensic software which restores the pictures which are deleted on this mobile application. You would love having a view of them again and restoring them for future use. These features are awesome to get a view of your Snapchats for more than once.

How do you view Snapchats more than once

How do you view Snapchats more than once

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