how do you do screenshots or screenshot a pic on snapchat story-Explicit Pictures & Videos in Snapchat

It is the age of social networking sites. For a good communication most of the people use the

social networking sites and apps today. Along with the communication the users can share

pictures, messages, quotes, videos etc… And for that the social networking sites are getting too

much popularity day by day. One of the most popular apps for social networking is snapchat. In

fact this app is getting more and popularity each day, and fans are increasing everyday. Millions

of people are now engage in this new age app.

Explicit pictures & videos in Snapchat

The app is mainly a picture sharing app. The users can share their selfies and photographs,

messages, and videos with their Snapchat friends. But for that they need to select a time for those

snaps. The time is the existing time of those snaps. One can select the time from 1 to 10 seconds.

After receiving the snap the receiver will be allowed to see the snap only for this selected period,

after that this will be disappeared automatically. This is the most attractive feature of the app.

And for that the users are sharing their nude and explicit pictures with their friends through

Snapchat. They are even sharing the adult videos. Some also share their love pictures with the

friends. Some dirty users even do not think twice before sharing nude selfies. And for that the

app is now full with adult objects. And it has become a huge platform of sexting. Some sources

also say that the porn stars are sharing their nude photographs for attracting the Snapchat users,

and also for promoting themselves. And for that the app has become an adult photo sharing app.

how do you do screenshots or screenshot a pic on snapchat story
how do you do screenshots or screenshot a pic on snapchat story

Bad effect of adultery in Snapchat

Millions of Snapchat users are sharing adult objects through this app for so called social

networkin. But this is not the purpose of the app. Snapchat was invented for a creative purpose.

The main aim of Snapchat is the strong communication between people along with nice pictures.

But some users are taking the advantage of this. They are engaged in sharing such explicit

pictures. And for that the Snapchat hackers are getting more opportunity of hacking the explicit

pictures from the app. The hackers are succeeded in hacking the server of the app and for that

they have got a huge amount of private snaps. They have got millions of explicit pictures and

videos of the Snap chat users. And sometimes those adult explicit pictures get leaked in various


The Snapchat users often get shocked when they see themselves nude in various websites. The

hackers leak the private objects in the websites and in various mediums, and for that the privacy

of the Snapchat users get disclosed. For that the Snapchat users does not get this app safe any

more. But at first the users need to be responsible for sharing the objects. They should not share

their private pictures in this social networking app. And they need to think twice before sharing

an adult image in this app.

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