Snapchat Lawsuit- is it a saga of ‘striking the iron when it’s hot’?-how cute is my cat who love me

Snapchat had been rewarded with the ‘fastest rising start-up’ in the start of 2013 by Tech

Crunch amidst thick controversy. During the previous year, Reggie Brown who was the college-
mate of Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel in Stanford University came forth and claimed to

be the creator of the idea of Snapchat that revolves around deleting photos within 10 seconds

once they are sent off. Reggie Brown had alleged that Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy- the co-
founders and CEO and CTO of Snapchat respectively, booted him out in August, 2011 from the

project-development of Snapchat, over an issue called ‘patent filing’.
How Cute Is My Cat Who Love MeHow Cute Is My Cat Who Love Me

Snapchat- why it’s the golden goose for many?

At the time when Reggie Brown came up with the allegations towards Evan Spiegel and Bobby

Murphy, Snapchat was already riding high on success and media’s adulation. Why Snapchat

evoked the curiosity of internet users and media alike- was the disappearance of photos, which

equated encouraging netizens to ‘sext’ in a more open and stress-free manner.

And it’s the universal truth that sex always sells. Evan Spiegel had cited many examples over

the years, especially that of Malibu parents who were among the initial group of Snapchat-users

outside the friends zone of Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, who used Snapchat to strengthen

the bond with their kids specially those who study out-station, by sending them funny texts,

images, videos on a daily basis. Though all these sounded good in paper, Snapchat equally

attracted the wrath of the older generation and the interest of media with its ‘so-called’ titillating


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