how can i make my phone compatible with snapchat-Snapchat Leak by Hack and Screenshots

Snapchat has become a wide platform for sexting. The users share explicit pictures, videos and

messages through this social networking app. The objects those get shared in this Smartphone

app are called the snaps. One can share pictures, videos and messages as the snaps. There is no

restriction for the subject of the snaps. Any pictures and videos can be share in this app. But for

sharing a snap the users need to select existing time for the snaps. This time can be from 1 to 10

seconds. This is for the disappearing feature of the app. The receiver will be allowed to see the

snap only for these selected seconds. After that the snap will be disappeared automatically from

the app.

Snapchat hack

One of the most dangerous problems for the Snapchat users is the Snapchat hacking. Snapchat is

a very good platform for sharing private pictures and videos with the friends. Many users share

their nude pictures and videos. Some share their hot images. Many users also share intimate

Snapchat videos. The hackers get insisted by those private objects. They often hack Snapchat

for getting those explicit pictures and videos. Some reports have disclosed that the hackers are

succeeded in hacking the server of the app, and for that they have got millions of private snaps.
How Can I Make My Phone Compatible With SnapchatHow Can I Make My Phone Compatible With Snapchat

Snapchat screenshots

Another big way of taking Snapchat pictures is the screenshots. Everybody knows that the app is

very special for its disappearing feature. And for that the users are not allowed to save the

Snapchat pictures. But the users are allowed to take screenshots of the Snapchat pictures by

various third party apps. And the users are getting the Snapchat pictures by that way. There are

many such third party apps those allow the users for doing this.

Sexting in Snapchat

A report has shown that the half of the total Snapchat users are the United States teens and their

age is between 13 to 17 years. And many of the Snapchat users are busy in sharing explicit

pictures and videos in this social networking app. Many also share nude selfies of themselves.

Various reports have shown that the teenage boys and girls are more engage in sexting. Recently

we have seen the case of sexting through this app in many schools. The school children are

sharing explicit snaps too. For that the parents and the teachers are worried about the future of

the students.

Snap chat has become an app for sexting. And for that the Snapchat leaking is going on. Many

users share private pictures and videos in this app. The hackers hack the app for getting those

private snaps. For that the Snapchat users get shocked by seeing their nude pictures or videos in

the internet. The hackers have leaked those explicit private snaps in the internet for money or for

some other purposes. But thus the privacy of those users gets disclosed in front of the world.

Thus the Snapchat users are not getting the app safe anymore. The app is busy in updating its

security system.

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