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As Snapchat has taken the world over by a rage even the hackers find it resisting trying and

hacking this multimedia application. With the recent news that Snapchat was hacked and the

user’s phone numbers were retrieved you may be thinking to delete your account. Of course

Snapchat doesn’t want you to do that so they have made the account deletion page a little

difficult. Read on further to delete your Snapchat account permanently. Firstly you have to open

the Snapchat homepage. Use the web browser on your computer to open the Snapchat homepage.

The Snapchat delete section is hidden deep down the Support Section. You cannot delete a

Snapchat account from the mobile app.

After doing this click the support link. This is located at the bottom of the homepage, in the

middle. You will be taken to the support main menu. Then navigate to the account deletion page.

Then enter your passwords. In order to delete your account you need to enter your password one

more time. Once you have entered your password, click the delete the My Account button. As

every now and then there are rumors that tarnish the image of the Snapchat foundation people are

beginning to lose faith in this fun app.

Reports suggested that Snapchat server don’t actually delete the images but they get disappeared

from the server for some days. After the passing of a certain days of time there is every

possibility that they image can furnish or come up in places that the sender had the least idea of.

Another report suggested that due to the famous December hack of the Snapchat hundreds of

users personal information has been stolen from the official site. This created a lot of tension

among the users as their personal information was stolen. They feared that hackers would misuse

their personal information in the most indecent manner and this would probably create an

embarrassing situation for them. However the Snapchat Company said that the user information

is safe. But if you are still adamant on deleting your account then read on the following few

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Deleting A Snapchat Account:-

After the recent and the ever increasing report of hacking on the Snapchat website people are

beginning to lose faith in this application. The recent reports suggested that hackers have hacked

the Snapchat app and retrieved the user’s phone number. So hearing of all these people are

thinking of deleting their Snapchat accounts. Of course Snapchat doesn’t wants you to do this.

Therefore Snapchat has made the account deletion a little difficult. Firstly your Snapcahat

account won’t get deleted from your mobile app. Therefore you have to login to the Snapchat’s

homepage through your web browser. The Snapchat delete section is located deep down the

support section. After going to the support section click on the support link. This also is located

at the bottom of the homepage. You will be taken to the support main menu. Then go to the

account deletion page. Enter your password once last time. Once you have open your account

then click on the delete my account page.

Mind you ! think twice before deleting an account because deleting an account is irreversible.

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