Snapchat the fastest app to get the wide recognition

Snapchat is one of the fastest social media applications which help to transfer the pictures,

videos and instant messages, but after the stipulated time set as said by the sender of the images

or the snaps will automatically vanish, and drop into the original server of the application. This

is unique feature tally is something that has grasped the attention of all the users especially the

youth, because of the ever changing or vanishing nature of the application.

Snapchat is said to be one of the most controversial, and most of the controversies of the

application are due to inappropriate usage of teenagers of America, and also from the ground of

lapse of security. Providing security is one of the prime motives for any application, which was

not very carefully taken up as shown by the authority of Snapchat. The hackers have shown

very clearly that the application is not at all safe for the users. And the recent new verification

designed by the technical support team of the app is also hacked, before its prime stage of usage.

Snapchat’s say

The authority of the Snapchat has kept shut to the recent security lapse, but during the previous

error they have put the blame on the third party apps like Snapspy, Snapbox and many more.

They have also paid the fine to the US regulating authority of law and order, for misleading users

with false promises.

They have also made stricter arrangements this time around to make the application of Snapchat

more secured one, but it seen that the recent verification of the app has also been hacked by the

hackers with great ease, and in such a short span of time.

Hackers view point

Hackers all over the world have a motive of showing the lapse of security of any application, but

this time around they have hacked the same application twice within a very short space of time.

Last time around the hacking of application was proved when the hackers posted this on a

specific website with Username, id, phone number and all the apps. This has left the users of

the application in the dire straits for losing out on the private security amenities like the phone

number, email id as well as the private moments that were snapped by them.

To sum up

A virtual war between the hackers and the users has left the user of the application in great

dilemma. And such a dilemma can only be solved be solved if the usage of third party apps can

be controlled.

This will prevent the hacking and will also save the precious details of the users. And this

hacking is not something which has happened once with Snapchat but twice, and recently the

verification tools of the social media app has already being hacked. But this lapse of security has

never affected the fan base of the application, which is reason why many of the investors after

hearing the lapse of security still is having faith on the fan base of the application.

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