hottie-Snapchat Set To Monetize Its App In Big Way

Snapchat is a hugely popular messaging platform is seen as pioneer of the disappearing

photos and videos service. Snapchat disappearing content feature makes the content self-

destructs within few seconds after it has been viewed by the recipients. It is also one of the

fastest growing mobile messaging apps in the current time which run of a lifetime to the

major apps like WhatsApp and Instagram and social media giant Facebook alike.

Now Snapchat understand the potential it offers to the marketer and advertisers with its

massive number of users and its widening reach. Snapchat boasts of around 30 million users

on its messaging out of which 80 percent users log in to their account for about 8-10 times

each day.

Money On Snapchat Mind

All of a sudden Snapchat is started to look out for different ways of making money on its

messaging platform in any way possible. Snapchat is soon going to bring in new marketing

strategy which would help it in roping in new companies and more content providers on it

platform. It has begun it with providing ads and new content to its users.

It is interesting to note that the Snapchat had earlier snubbed the $3 billion offer from the

social media giant last year. Though the company had not made a single in the last three years

but the investors and developers have faith in their unique product in the face of a mobile

application. Snapchat was built with the aim of liberating the online users from the fear of

being haunted by the content shared in the past. Snapchat doesn’t keep a single content on its

serves all are removed within set time limit.



Snapchat Discovery

Snapchat has made some fruitful talks with a large number of media houses and advertising

companies for its upcoming ‘Snapchat Discovery’. Snapchat Discovery will be showing

content and ads to the Snapchat users in a fluid, entertaining and fun way. More than a dozen

companies showed active interest in proving content for the Snapchat Discovery.

Snapchat Discovery would allow the Snapchat users to access the news content and watch

video clips or movies on its app by just holding down a finger on the screen. Just as they do

for the photos and the other messages it will disappear after it has been video by the users.

Snapchat Shakes Hands With Amazon For Monetizing Its App

Snapchat is soon going to work in close association with the largest ecommerce website in

the world Amazon for monetizing the content on its ever growing messaging platform.

Amazon would use the Snapchat would send ‘gift ideas, recommendations and exclusive

deals that disappear in seconds.’ This association is regarded as the as a win-win situation for

both the companies in question.

Market Analysts are stating that Amazon is clearly using this method to draw attention to

them and hopefully they would be able to draw people to their Amazon site in Snapchat. If

this works out in a big way, then Snapchat will have a decent source of generating revenue.

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