hotselfie – Comparing Popularity of Snapchat, Face book, YouTube among the Youth

There is a number of emerging IT firms globally and Snapchat is one among them. Owing to

the presence of a number of IT firms there is a tough competition with each organization

trying their best to stand the test of time. Like other silicon based companies, Snapchat too

has the required infrastructure to take its business to the global level. Its products are highly

popular among the young and the old. But, in this context, it needs to be mentioned that the

company faced a debacle that questioned its credibility to the extent that people refrained

from using the app. This resulted in huge loss to the company.

Fiasco associated with Snapchat

About the debacle it can be said that the photo sharing app stores digital images of its users in

dedicated servers. But the company fall prey to hacking thereby resulting in the leakage of

the image contents which were meant to remain private. This was a severe breach of the

privacy policy of the company. Many users found their naked photos in the public domain

resulted in ire and anguish. Some of them thought it to be prudent to approach the law

enforcement organizations in the US.

Currently the company is under strict vigil by these organizations. However, the authorities at

Snapchat refuse to acknowledge their fault. In the public space they spare no opportunity to

put the blame on the users. According to them the users should not have posted such pictures

for which they are ashamed of. After the hacking fiasco, the company beefed up its security

apparatus. It also modified its privacy policy, included certain points that were not present


Popularity of Snapchat among the youth

Authorities at Snapchat also claim that the company is new in the business and is learning

for maximum productivity and efficiency. Though they do not admit their fault, yet they feel

that companies are susceptible to make mistakes in the beginning and with age, experience

they attain a level of perfection. It is a fact that the company despite the mess, managed to

deliver quality services to its clients, users. This led to the escalation of the number of users.

Recent statistics reveal that almost 15% of young people below the age of 25 use the photo

sharing application. When compared with the usage details of other applications, the said

figure is a significant one.

Interesting Feature about Snapchat

An interesting feature of this application is the presence of a feature that helps to remove the

stored images once they are viewed by the viewers. This features makes the application

unique as it is absent in other social networking websites like Instagram, Face book, Twitter.

There are a number of software companies that are giving tough competition to snapchat and

therefore it is quite natural on the part of the company to adopt new strategies and techniques

in order to stay in business.

Improving the software features is vital to make things work for the company. The

developers need to make the app more attractive and full of new tested functionalities,

features. Besides, it is also important to ensure the safety and security aspect of the company

resources. It is to be seen that there is no room for hacking of the company resources. The

infrastructure needs to be made that way.

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