hotandsexyxx nice girl-The ruckus over Snapchat breach and its potential of minting money

When Snapchat launched in 2011, many predicted that the android app for ephemeral photos

will not last for long. Three years down the line, Snapchat is going strong- both in terms of

acquiring fan-base and pulling big venture capitalists such as Yahoo and Alibaba. But the road

to success has not been a smooth sailing so far, especially when Snapchat had been subjected to

hacking twice in its three years of existence. The first hacking (or leaking) of Snapchat users’

personal information took place during December 2013. The second Snapchat leak followed

in October 2014 where the hackers’ forum 4chan took the responsibility in leaking approx.

100k ‘deleted’ Snapchat photos via a third-party server, and raising the risk of child pornography

in US society.

Is the basic product-offering of Snapchat flawed?

The boom of social networking sites has taught us many things but the most important one is –

the proverb ‘whatever goes around comes around’ doesn’t hold true for Internet. The teenagers

specially learnt it through the hard way. So when they were almost fed-up with cringe-worthy

photos that they have uploaded in Facebook at the spur of the moment and their ever-lasting

nature, Snapchat with its unique feature, almost came as a savior.

A cool photo-messaging android app that is easy to download and where, you can send your

banal image to a friend and within 10 seconds it will get deleted- is a sure-shot recipe for success

to a teenager. So from sending funny, weird, quirky photos to cool ‘selfies’- Snapchat is the

mode of expression for 13-17 age group who enjoys the liberty to add only hand-picked contacts

in their Snapchat friend list. Unlike Facebook- the big daddy of social networking sites, where

one has to add relatives, distant cousins or the likes, out of parental pressure.

But with the recent case of ‘The Fappening’ (the October 2014’s hacking) – the skeleton of

Snapchat is once again out of the closet. Though Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel had made it clear

time and again that the company is committed to secure it’s users’ content with water-proof

measures; with Snapchat leak of 100k images, all the tall claims sounded funny.474-332x500check this out she is really hot

Which companies are thriving on Snapchat’s apparent lax?

It also put into question the very core of Snapchat’s existence and i.e. ephemeral nature of its

images. There are many third party applications doing rounds that store- the ‘much’ leaked

photos of Snapchat users’, and repeatedly, the hackers had chosen to target these third party

servers. Around August, 2013 Gibson Security firm in Australia had warned Snapchat for latter’s

palpable flaw in security measures and the consequent thriving of third party servers for this. But

Snapchat didn’t pay any heed to it seemingly. So it looks right now that the websites from where

any viewer can download ‘deleted’ Snapchat photos are the main beneficiaries of Snapchat



Even though it’s mired with controversy, there is no stopping of capital fund raising for

Snapchat as it’s right now a hot property among investors. Now it’s to see that for how long this

honeymoon period will last.

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