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Snapchat Authority Settle up Their Security Policy with the US Government

Snapchat is very popular photo messaging app. One can share pictures, videos and messages

with their friends in this social networking app. The objects, shared in the snapchat are called

snaps. One can select time for the duration of his snaps, from 1 to 10 seconds. The receiver will

able to view this snap only for this selected period, after that period the snap will be disappeared

from the app. But sometimes the hackers are succeeded in hacking the private pictures from the

app and this causes the snapchat leak. So, the snapchat authority has declared to settle a deal

with Federal Trade Commission to provide security to the users.

Popularity of Snapchat

Some reports have said that the half of the total snapchat users is the teenagers. Mainly the teens

of United States are using this app the most. Most of the time, the teens of 10 to 12 years are

using this app. They often share their private pictures, love pictures, nude videos. And those

adult objects are hacked by some persons; the users get shocked when they see their nudity in

some other websites. The hackers spread those adult objects in various website for some money

or momentary pleasure or some other purpose. But for that the privacy of those users is disclosed

in front of the whole world.

The policy of Snapchat

At the very beginning the snapchat authority declared that there app will not allow to store any

objects, and for that the app is very safe for the users. But some third party applications are

allowing the users to take screenshots of the pictures those shared in snapchat. There are so

many third party app like SnapKeep, SnapSpy, SnapBox those allow its users to take

screenshots. For that the users are able to keep any objects they want, in their store. Thus the

snapchat leak is going on. The snapchat authority has accused two companies for that; they have

accused those companies directly on Twitter. The two companies are Snap save and Snapsaved.

com. But the two companies have denied the accusation. Snapchat says that there server was not

hacked, those third party apps are responsible for snapchat leak. But the fact is that the server of

snapchat had hacked by some hackers, and it was possible for the weak security system of the

app. Snapchat is unable to protect its server from the hackers, so that the privacy of the million of

users’ have disclosed.

Snapchat’s settlement with FTC

The snapchat authority has realized that it is becoming harder to maintain their security. For that

reason the authority has agreed now to settle up a deal with the Federal Trade Commission of the

US Government. Now the company can get more strict security for their app.

The users have to be more responsible for using snapchat app. They should not share all those

adult snap for their own security. One should not forget the purpose of snapchat. An user have

to be careful about choosing a friend in snapchat as there are so many miss users among the

users of this app.

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