hot wife-Snapchat is Giving More Facility to its Users

Snapchat has launched a new business sector; this is for those people who want to make

money by providing amateur porn. This is new system which provides mobile micropayment.

The interested persons have to provide the picture of their intimate moment and they will get

cash via Snapcash. This is the micropayment system which is introduced by the company last


Use of Snapchat

In Snapchat people shares their pictures and share it among the friends for some limited

seconds, there is the facility of screen shot and by that a user can preserve any picture of his/

her friends’. Sometimes it is claimed that there is some third party or hacker who often hacks

the intimate pictures of some user and spread it in the web, the do this thing for money or

other things. People get shocked when they see their very intimate picture in the web. From

the beginning of Snapchat, there policy was to display the pictures, messages or videos only

for some selected moment. But the hackers are succeeded to hack those pictures from

Snapchat. Snapchat claims that their server is hacked and for that the Snap leak is possible.

But the users have to more responsible about sharing pictures; they have to think twice before

sharing an adult content. They should not share such controversial items in a social app.


Miss use of Snapchat

Till now Snapchat has only offered the porn stars to provide their everyday intimate

pictures for only some seconds but now the company is going to give them money for their

efforts. The company will provide money to everybody who will share their nude pictures,

and these payments will be done by the micropayment service of the company.

New form of Snapchat

Many men and women have already become a part of this and they have advertised their

nudity. If you are a picture hunter you have to create an account in Snapchat and then you

have to be friend of those people. But this is obviously very effective for the minors; they can

use this and circulate their private pictures for cash or other things. This is obviously a bad

practice for everybody ofcourse.

Terms and conditions

To handle all the sensitive information Snapchat has introduced Snapcash. You have to

detect a dollar amount into the message and it to the user by clicking a green button at the

right side of the text box. Users have to sign up for a square cash service and he/ she have to

agree with the terms and conditions of the service. Snapcash is going to launch an IOS

version soon but at the time Snapcash can be used through Snapchat in any android phone,

the users must be 18 year above. They have to give information about their Visa, Master card

or Debit card information in the app; it will be used for transaction. Those informations are

very much confidential to the company.

But the users have to be more conscious and responsible to use this app. Snapchat or

Snapcash both are very much helpful to share moments with the friends but the users have to

care think about the misuse of it.

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