hot teen-Snapchat – an application for the Young mind

Youth of this generation is always in hurry they want everything faster than ever. They love to

take everything with a broader sense. They don’t like to put a limit to their fun and ecstasy. Ever

since the revolution in the world of internet, the scenario of the society and the perspective

towards the life has changed a lot. People want to stay connected with their loved ones and with

their friends all the time. The pulpit of the electronic world is offered by the social media

platform cum a latest communication medium of snapchat. This is just not an application for the

mobile phones nor is it a mere social networking site.

What is snapchat?

If you still do not have any idea then it is a collaboration to let you know more about snap chat.

The amazing features of the app snapchat have taken the world by total surprise. Before this

none has ever think of something like that. Snapchat is an application with the help of which

you can take your photos and then you can send them to your desirable recipients. Now the twist

is that unlike other apps or social media sites you can here operate the deletion time of the

photos. The photos you will send and the recipients will receive, will be removed from the screen

after the set time. You can set the deletion time of the photos from 1 second to 10 seconds. After

that the photos will disappear from the phones of the recipients as well as from the server of the

site. It has now become all the easier to keep in touch with your dear ones. Share your new look

with your close ones instantly, share your insanity, share the happiness of being yourself.
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Safe sharing of photos:

Your life is no longer controlled by the time and distant problem; you are now able to do

whatever you want you do. With the limitless advantages provided by the application you can

now easily make new friends without having the worries about your security. No one can be

able to save the photos nor is it possible to take a screen shot of them. Previously when you

would upload a picture on any social media site or on any messenger or any other similar

application for your friends to see, you would have to worry about the security of your or

sometimes of your friends or family members but now this application claims to deliver

something new to you.

To end with a note:

There are different times when you may feel the urgency of having the app installed on your

phone. The times are like when you have cut your hair in a new style or you have bought a new

dress, you may like to upload your new born kid’s photo to the other family members or when

you have won a cup you might want to show the picture to your dear ones including friends. The

app is perfect for such times.

snap chat