hot snap underwear girls are you gorgeous-Snapchat is finally on the way to roll out advertisements

Commercials are coming on the screen of the television or on the computer screens and at some

degree they are quite irritating. Some app these days are promoting commercials and according

to reports they are equally irritating to some users. There have been so many apps who promote

for brands with advertisements. Now on the list of such app. There is going to be added another

name and that app is snapchat. When the news came to the fore, users seem quite disappointed

with the decision taken up by the team of the app.

Reason behind ads:

At the beginning of the weekend, it came to the ears of the users that the ephemeral messaging

app is going to start showing paid advertisements for the first time of its history. It was

announced on the afternoon of last Friday. The team of the app has admitted that the introduction

of the advertisements on the screen of the app is going to make the audiences feel like a bit weird

at first. Then the users were assured with the news that there are not actually interacting with the

ads if they don’t feel like it. There will be an option for the users where they can decide whether

or not they want to watch the ads. The team has stated in a report that they want to upgrade their

app with informative pieces of news actually; they further added that they will try to make it

a lot more fun for the users. They have sworn not to make the ads creepy and targeted. Rumor

has it that the snapchat app is facing the extreme pressure to prove that it is actually worth the

valuation of $10 billion. The company has admitted that they need to raise more money and

foe that they must accept the offers of advertisement of different commercial agencies and they

found no harm or bad in it.Hot Snap Underwear GirlsHot Snap Underwear Girls are you gorgeous?

The app should learn from the history:

The team of the app is certainly very aware of the risks. History says that whenever a social

media networking platform has started to roll out advertisements in the place of the photos, the

audiences have revolted. Even though the ads are have not been liked by the users, they could

manage to survive only because they did not create any hinder in the path of the function of the

app. The app has finally taken up the risk to promote ads. It is quite a daring step taken by the

team of the app. lately they have been accused of leaked photos of the users. They faced a great

challenge in the regard of recovering them. For the existence of a third party, photos used to be

leaked and stored in an unknown place. And this had created much ado.

Critics are suspecting whether they could manage the challenge they have taken. After surviving

a controversy, it seems a bit tougher for them to meet the challenge. They have promised that the

ads will not be targeted rather will be informative instead.

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