hot or not-Snapchat and its Popularity among the Teenagers

Present age is the age of the social networking mediums. Snapchat is one of the most popular

social networking apps. Millions of people are now engage in this app. The young generation is

rushing along with this app. Most of the people use Smartphone today. And as this app is a

Smartphone app, the users have got a huge opportunity for that. The social networking sites and

apps are very good mediums of communication. And for that the users get a huge opportunity for

communicating with the friends and relatives. One can communicate with the friends from

abroad; no geographical boundary can be rise problem.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a popular picture sharing app. The users can share pictures, videos and messages

with the Snapchat friends through this app. The objects those get shared in this app are called the

snaps. One can share any pictures, videos and messages as the snaps. There is no restriction for

the subject of the snaps. Anything can be shared with the friends through this popular social

networking app. For sharing a snap one need to select time for it. This will be the existing time

for the snap. One can select this time from 1 to 10 seconds. After receiving the snap the receiver

will be allowed to see the snap only for these selected seconds, after that time the snap will be

disappeared automatically from the device. This disappearing feature of the app is very popular.

This disappearing feature is one of the best effective features of the app. No one can store the

pictures in the device.
Hot Or NotHot Or Not

Popularity of the app

Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking apps. Even the popularity of the app is

getting increased day by day. And the reason of this increasing popularity is the usefulness of the

app. The features are getting updated always. The app is unique by its features and services.

There is no age restriction for using this app. The total Snapchat users of this year are more than

27 million; this number was 14 million in a year before. This figure is quite astonishing. A report

has said that the half of the total Snapchat users is the teenager of United States and they are of

13 to 17 years age. So, it is cleared that the main users of this app are the teenagers and preteen

boys and girls.

Most of the Snap chat users share explicit pictures and videos with their friends through this

app. Many users also share their love pictures. Some also share nude selfies of themselves. Some

also do dirty conversation with their friends. But this is not the purpose of this app. The app was

created for a very creative purpose. And those explicit pictures and videos often get hacked by

the hackers. Some also take screenshots of those adult pictures. And for that those dirty objects

get disclosed in the internet by some hackers. And for that the privacy of the Snapchat users get


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