Hot Girls – Snapchat The Ultimate App

Snapchat the latest gen next how girls and boys app has taken over the world by a storm for both good and bad

reasons. This multimedia messaging app helps you to send not only snaps and videos but also

text message and drawings and other things as well. The Snapchat developers have time and

again added new and salient features to this app so that people always have something fun to do

with this. They have introduced features like the clipart section where you have a readymade

gallery of animated pictures to help capture and depict every intricate detail of the human


Other features apart from Clipart

Apart from this clipart feature Snapchat also has an interesting feature known as the drawing

tool. This drawing tool helps you to draw or kind of a scribble in your snaps and makes it even

more customized. And to add more fun to this Snapchat also allows you to add caption to your

each snaps and videos. This is an exciting thing because you can give your own interesting titles

to your photos. But the latest to join in the Snapchat group is the replay feature. This is the latest

and perhaps the most awaited one. The replay feature enables one to view the last seen snaps for

a few times in a period of 24 hours. This was the most awaited one because people wanted to

relive the feelings they experience when had first seen those snaps.

Thinking of global users

Not only does the Snapchat organization take care or think of their 18-20 years of age application

users but they also think of their younger users as well. In the year 2013 Snapchat introduced

their app for users below the age of 13. This app was named as the Snapkidz and was made by

keeping in mind their young users. The Snapkidz feature allows the young users to draw and

scribble in their parents smart phones. They help them to imagine things more clearly. The

drawing tools and the enhanced feature in this app help the users to color their drawings and add

caption for them. These features make it a fun to use app as well. However the drawings drawn

with the help of Snapkidz cannot be forwarded through Snapchat. They either had to be stored in

the phones local memory or deleted once the child gets done with it.

However all these feature made to experience fun have taken for granted by the users. They

totally misuse them. They use them for sexting. They send pornographic videos through this app.

As there is no restrictions on the limit of sending photos people use them for some other immoral

purposes. As there is no age verification facility in this application majority of its users are below

the age of 18. All you need is a password, an email id and a username and there is no stooping

back. Researchers of various university and other moral and ethical thinkers from all over the

world have already warned that the uncontrolled use of Snapchat has robbed the children of their

innocence at a very young age.7

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