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Snapchat users share 150 million photos daily

The advantages of development in technology

Technology is like a magic that spreads happiness and smiles all over the world. Social

networking and having connections throughout the world are the new trends that everyone

likes to opt for.

Man is a socially active being, who needs to interact with other beings around him.

Interaction with friends and family across the globe has become easier and faster with the

help of internet. There are varied kinds of applications that help us connect with people

anywhere and everywhere. All you need is just a tap on your smartphone screen, and you are

connected to the world.

The various social networking applications for communicating with the people

Apart from twitter, Facebook or Skype, many other interesting applications have been

developed and introduced. One of those most amazing applications is Snapchat. Snapchat

is a photo sharing application that lets the user send MMS type photograph to the other

person in just 3 easy steps. The specialty that makes Snapchat famous is that the photograph

sent does not get saved and it just lasts for a maximum period of 10 seconds once opted to

be displayed. Now the question that arises here is that it just takes a few seconds to take a

screenshot. To end this hassle, Snapchat included a feature to alert the sender if recipient

takes a screenshot. This obviously does not help in deleting the photo but it alerts the user to

be away from people who use photos for wrong purposes.

Because of such a user friendly interface, and growing trend of usage of social networking

sites, it is quite evident that Snapchat has become the apple of everyone’s eye. Not only

the youngsters, but people from all age groups are downloading Snapchat and have nearly

become Snapchat addicts. Research showed that in a day, approximately 150 million

photos are shared across the entire snap chat interface. Yes the number is not stagnant, and

it keeps on increasing each second. There are more than a 100 people who get introduced to

Snapchat every second. Well, the term second sounds to be a very big denomination being

used here. Snapchat has become the most used instant photo sharing application. The users

can upload photos, stories, videos and also embed pictures with texts. This application is like

an all in one application. So, people love it more and spend so much time on it.

The interesting features

Moreover, with the increasing updates, Snapchat is growing popular with every passing day.

The photos can be filtered or edited, videos can be recorded and photos can have texts and

can be sent within seconds. The uploading spree of almost 150 million photos in a day has

threatened the other social networking sites and sources. The amalgamation the other few

applications together too does not earn the amount of profit earned solely by Snapchat. This

has led to a lot of interesting offers from leaders in social networking and growth of many

rival applications like Bolt. Now if you are not a Snapchat user, it is your time to load it up


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