Most recent insertion into Snapchat’s hot features

Snapcode was introduced in the early January of 2015; it is the easiest way of adding friends to the Snapchat profile. By pointing the Snapchat camera at the Snapcode and by tapping the screen the users can add friends. In the wave of stupendous features of Snapchat it was an newly added According the spokesperson of Snapchat the response that they receive after introducing this feature is simply incredible. Even by scanning the Snapcodes a few number of Snapchatters have added millions of friends each week. To make the process easier and with the aim of personalizing the Snapcode the developers have even introduced branding guidelines and vector files on the official website of Snapchat. The Snapcode can be personalized by adding animated selfie. And even the selfie will be displayed to the other users as well so that they can easily recognize you.


How can I add Snapcode selfie?

1) You just need to tap onto the ghost icon that comes at the top of the camera screen.
2) After that just tap onto the Snapcode and the selfie screen for Snapcode will appear
3) In order to capture the selfie tap onto the camera.
4) The camera will take five selfies automatically in order to make the animated selfies for this snapcode. If you are not happy with those selfies then you can tap onto the screen, to continue the process again.
5) You are free to update the snapcode selfie whenever you want.
6) The developers requested the users to maintain the norms of the community guidelines while taking Snapcode selfies.

Recent changes that are brought to Snapchat

Now the users can print their own Snapcode, this is specially designed with the purpose of spreading the presence of this app beyond digital platform, the service has started to allow the users to take out printed versions with personal Snapcode and moreover can cater them; hopefully it will be a great deal specifically for the brands. These two are the latest inclusions in their inventory, the imagination of the developers lead towards the creative ingredients creating such marvelous features. One of the prime reasons Snapchat keeps hold of its popularity is just because the developers of this app offer incessant excitement in the list of features with dynamic new varieties and flavors.
On July, 2015 Snapchat brought another change on the app, it changes the look of the snaps when they are received by the users. Earlier, when the users wanted to see a Snapchat story or a received snap they need to press as well as hold on the phone screen. However, through this update they rolled out a self-explicatory function that implies from now the users just need to press the screen only once to view the story or the snap.
Apart from that, this app will now give you the chance to add friends according to your geo-location. For instance if the user is hanging out with a group of friends or people who are not in his Snapchat friend list then he can instantly add the nearby people by using the Add Nearby option.

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