Everyone is now on Facebook and is the term News Feed is known to all. Those who do not use

it even will have an idea about it by its name. This is now introduced in Snapchat. This is the

app that has gained a lot of popularity in the last three years. This app has been the most popular

thing as people all around the world are talking about it vigorously. The hype is all about the

unique quality of the app to disappear images. The app has also many more added qualities and

the app is advancing every day with its updated features. The app has been realizing its latest

android version that gives something new again in the box.

The latest thing added

This time it’s the stories. It is much like the news feed of Facebook. This is a series of snap that

are to be published and you can send them to some specific friends. This will not be like the

snaps you sent. Usually the snaps you sent through the Snapchat app remains there for only 10

seconds and after that it disappears. But this story part has taken a great leap. It will be there for

long. The friends that you send these stories will be able to see the story for 24 hours. This will

be a narrative of snaps that you have sent in a day. Thus if you are on a tour and you snap all day

sending the pictures of your tour then at the end of the day the day you will get the story that will

have the narrative version of the tour through those snaps you shared earlier and were deleted

after 10 seconds. Within these 24 hours you can see these snaps any number of times you want.


Many critics have criticized this part of Snap chat as according to them the app is moving away

from its regular feature that was its original attraction. If the snaps are remaining for 24 hours

then it can be said that the snaps are not getting deleted. The appearance of the pictures for 24

hours might breach the privacy of the users. There are also sayings that the app is deceiving

the users as none of the snaps are getting deleted. If those are deleted how come it is again

reappearing in the stories for 24 hours?

To conclude

But according to the developers it is very nicely designed. The users who are sharing their

photos through Snapchat app have liberty to choose whom they want their stories to see.

They can keep it public or even share it between some friends. The timings of each snap can be

determined by the person who is seeing the snap. The 24 hours stories are mainly for the brands

who want to market through the platform of Snap chat. The services when remain organized in

the form of stories becomes easy for the people to get what is being said through the ad. Thus the

public viewing of the stories is very much common for the marketers who just want to attract the


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