Hot-Snapchat is playground for child porn and sex- does FBI think so?

Snapchat- the photo-messaging android app has fuelled many controversies ever since it came

to fore. From its lax security measures to temporality of its images- Snapchat set the tongues

wagging for many who predicted wrongfully at the beginning that this app won’t last for long.

But they proved wrong. But when a government body in USA as important as Federal Bureau of

Investigation (FBI) warned the parents of teenagers (especially the age group of 13-17) about the

potential of Snapchat being the playground for pedophiles, the world sat up and took notice.

Sexting- the bone of contention for the Snapchat-skeptics

When Snapchat was launched in 2011, the market for Facebook was already saturated among

teenagers. While the adults were happy to post the images of their day-to-day lives in Facebook,

the teenagers started to stay away from the social networking giant. The reasons varied- from

adding parents and relatives in friend list to the hard fact that once pictures are uploaded in

Internet, it’s really impossible to take them down.

In this scenario, Snapchat’s unique feature about ephemeral pictures- came as a breath of fresh

air. But soon this over-exposure to Snapchat raised a concern among the trade-pundits and

parents alike that this app is perfect for sexting. Several surveys have been conducted on this and

though the results showed that adults rely upon mobile MMS mainly for sexting; for teenagers,

Snapchat is the first choice.

There are many advantages of Snapchat for being the playground of sexting-

• The risk of parental monitoring over Snapchat is marginal.

• It takes few seconds to click your images through phone-camera or the app, one click

away to send them to friends, and only ten seconds to get them disappeared- in Snapchat.

Those who engage in sexting via Snapchat find it most comforting that- their ‘dirty secret’

won’t be reveled into public as the Snapchat authority, time and again claimed that, the

security of the users’ contents in Snapchat is full-proof.My yummy pussy

The threat of Pedophilia and Pornography in Snapchat

Child pornography and Pedophilia are two of the most glaring threats in social networking

sites and unfortunately Snapchat also fell prey to them. In countries like US or UK, where the

danger of cyber bullying and publishing of nude pictures of unassuming teenage girls are on

the rise, Snapchat has adult pedophiles and depraved youth, lurking in its user-base.

From making fake profiles and sending friend requests to vulnerable targets to persuading

teenage girl-friends to send their naked photos; there are many ways that a perpetrator can

execute in Snapchat.

Despite the security claims from Snapchat, the market is full with hacking apps and Third

party applications who give chances to viewers to download the ‘disappeared’ photos. Also

the menace of hacking already created havocs by leaking 100k Snapchat photos in October


Though the photos get disappeared within 10 seconds in Snapchat, anyone can take a

screenshot during that time and then circulate the images in internet. Only Snapchat and FBI

must think and try hard enough to prevent this sexual bullying via this app.

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