honey singh wife picture on droid-The measures to stop selling of explicit content through Snapchat

Snapchat- a growing app in the social networking scene

Snapchat, a recent photo sharing app has become very much popular and has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. After it was launched by Evan Spiegel, it received a lot of challenges and also hit the headlines for a lot of wrong reasons. Some of them include the turning down of Facebook’s offer for taking over the company and becoming a soul giant in the market of social networking media, the news of the app being used mainly for sharing of explicit content and other vulgar stuffs, etc. This has also made it popular among the users and also made the app famous, mainly for wrong reasons. There were some measures taken also like limiting the viewing time of the posts and messages to 24 hours after which they will not be available to the users, etc. So, the running of the app Snapchat has been very much happening and the app is also enough popular among the users in the social media market.Honey Singh Wife Picture On DroidHoney Singh Wife Picture On Droid

The main scandals related with the app Snapchat

There are a lot of wrong uses of the app and it has also been related with a lot of scandals. Some of them include the use of the app for sharing explicit content like the nude images or nude videos in the social networks and also other various vulgar snaps. It mainly lowers the standards of the application and creates a negative impact on the users as the app was made for sharing snaps or other interesting pictures among the friends, socialize with them and not for sending explicit images or videos. So, the CEO and the managing board of the company understood the problem and they all started working together to stop the problem.

While investigating, it was found out that many sex workers and porn stars are sending or selling their nude and vulgar pictures by using the app Snapchat. They were the main culprits in sending the naughty images and other notorious works done online. So, there was a need to stop it and to crack down the whole of the users group sending such naughty and vulgar images. So, they spotted some 30 users of the app who can supply the others with some notorious stuff like nude images. So, they were reported and it worked like magic as within a week, some 28 Snapchat accounts which were used by the porn stars and strippers for sending such naughty and selling them were closed down and it was a marvelous job as there was some 30 accounts were targeted initially as the ones selling and sending explicit stuff among which 28 were cracked down within a week

Anyways, it remains a big question as to how the people were sending such stuffs and they were also selling them in return for money. Anyways, blocking the related accounts and closing them down will give a good result but the incident requires further investigation such that the hawkers do not get any more chance to sell the explicit images through the app.

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