Media houses have shown interest in stipulation with the app – honda212

Applications for the android and other Smartphones have become a journey of monotonous

tasks. Most of the applications have all the same and similar features with nothing new at all.

Users are already very bored. You cannot expect young minds to be incarcerated within the

conventional social norms. They always want to fly break free. Any smart phone application that

has been included with all the same features, people; especially the teenagers may feel bored and

irritating. For them, snapchat is the best app to use without any doubt.

Big publishing houses are interested in partnership with the application:

It seems like snapchat owners are quite intelligent as they have launched. According to recent

reports on the usage of the application, it has been clear that the age group between of 13 to 25 is

more accustomed using the application. Many big media houses are being drawn towards this

application. They have approached the company for agreement with the application team. The

company for the application is in their constant effort to make the app the best app in the world

and in the history of the application. Their discovery is unique a feature that has signed up the

endorsement with various and different media houses.

The app is involved in partnership with various media houses:

The app snapchat has gone into partnership with CNN, cosmopolitan, Comedy central .daily

mail, Food Network, ESPN, National Geographic, People magazine, Yahoo! Vice, etc. And

recently they agreed on partnership with the Warner Music group. Most of the social

networking sites and their respective companies insist on broadcasting what is latest but this

application completely different in its area. Discover is a very unique feature that is complete

different from other applications out there in the market. It has been built and improved for

sharing knowledge and at time for the sake of the promotional of the media companies. Discover

is the best discovery of the app makers. Many more such different big names have shown their

keen sigh of interest to endorse partnership with it. At the crack of the day the media houses

publish their news updates and current stories in the server for the application of snapchat and for

next 24 hours the news remain the same. those media houses have confirmed in the media

conference that it is there biggest chance to expand their business and bring development.

Concluding note on snapchat:

All of us are spending our days and nights in the waiting for the application to come in the

market and take us by a storm. This application is really a good one and it is awesome one to

have on the phone. Never mind where you are you can always stay connected with the rest of the

world and with your family members as well as with the family members. It is more than mere

images sharing application for the smart phones and it is not only limited to sharing of videos. It

has turned out to be more than that.

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