holy heell its hot out here-Snapchat for having ultimate fun

Take attractive selfie with Snapchat’s front flash:

Taking and posting Selfie has become the latest trend that prevails among the teenagers, even

the people who are in the latter half of 20s are not staying beside in this case. The trend is like

a propaganda that has thrown deepest impact over the people of all generation and age group.

People are attempting crazy stuffs to make their selfies unique, mobile companies are

launching phones that are specially designed to take great selfi. Now front camera also comes

with flash that are helpful in taking amazing selfie.

But if your phone does not have a front flash, then don’t be disappointed. Snapchat is giving

you the opportunity of taking splendid selfie with the feature “Front-Facing Selfie”. If you

activate the feature then the screen of your phone will white out and brighten up the photo.

You can turn on the feature by tapping the icon which is located in the top of the left corner.

From now on whenever you will turn on the feature you can take amazing selfies.Holy Heel Its Hot Out HereHoly Heel Its Hot Out Here

Tap and switch between cameras

Now switching between the rear camera and front camera will be easier with the latest feature

of Snapchat. Just tap twice in the middle of the screen and the camera will be changed from

rear to front and vice versa. Snapping is now easier and entertaining.

Though whenever a photo is shared through the app it becomes invisible after certain time,

inspite of the fact if someone wishes to see the last received photo once more time, he will be

able to watch it within 24 hours. But the feature allows you to replay the snap only a single

time in a whole day.

Tell your friend about your location through Geo filters:

With bunch of exclusive features Snap Chat allows the user to explore fun world of

snapping. You can add color, different props, text to your picture. And by activating its Geo-

filter features you can add location based filters in your photo. You just need to turn on the

location service in order to allow the app to sense your real location and accessing this feature

is really easy. If you are a novice in the field of app then you may find it quite difficult to

access other social media sites but Snap Chat is so user friendly that even you can handle it

with ease. The developers have published different videos in YouTube in order to show the

users how to utilize the features of the app.

If you go with the reports which are stuffed with the scam of this app and restrict yourself

from using the app, then you will just confine yourself from having all the fun you would

acquire through this instant photo sharing app. The developers have well explained the reason

behind that photo and video leakage scam and by perusing through it, you can understand that

it was not at all responsible behind the massacre. The third app of Snap Chat was solely

responsible for that incident and by eradicating that app Snapchat has now cleaned the


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