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There is no doubt that Snapchat is one of the leading social networking apps in the world right at this time, but the changes or the features of the updated version of the app has made most of the users go crazy. They do obviously not like the changes made to the app and they want the previous version of the app as that was more easy to use and also helpful. Well, just in case you do not know much about the app, let us take a quick review of its features.

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Snap chat- a brief details

It is basically a photo sharing app with which you can share the photos and videos with your friends with just one click. The main advantages include the easy user interface of the app, the fast sending of the snaps, security of the snaps against leaks by them getting deleted automatically 24 hours after they are sent. Well, that feature is unique and also a special one. It is very useful for insuring the safety of the snaps against getting leaked. The photos or videos will also not be downloaded into the users system and they will only be viewed in the app. Another unique feature of the app includes the absence of any web version of the app. That is, you can’t log in to your account from your desktop or any web server. It is a mobile app and available in all the leading Operating System platforms. Almost all the other social networking apps have a computer web site with which you can log on to your account from the computer. Now, the app was founded by Evan Spiegel and some of the colleagues. Well, he is presently the CEO of the company and the app has gained a lot of popularity in a very short period of time.

The new features on the app which is not liked by the users

Well, recently, there have been a lot of changes brought about within Snapchat among which most of the features have transformed it from a photo sharing app to a source of a lot of other entertainments. The developers most probably wanted to convert it from merely a photo sharing app to a source of all round entertainment. And that is the point which made most of the users angry and disappointed on the app.
The new features include Discover which contains the live event coverings and the other videos from the media partners which are mainly to be viewed by the users within the app. The contents are added on a daily basis and are designed especially for the app. Well, since the new feature Discover was launched, there has been a record of 2,000 reviews consisting of one star rating in the app store of the OS Apple for Snap chat. This is very rare and is also a record.
Well, as a result, the overall ratings of Snapchat have dropped from two and a half stars to just one and a half stars in the app store of Apple. That was quite natural and the feature had such a negative reaction from the users. The developers must do something.

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