Can the Snapchat Photos Be Recovered With the Right Forensic Tools?

The logo of the ghost Chillah will remind you instantly of the most famous social networking

app Snapchat. The faceless ghost icon reminds the users of the disappearing images and videos

which disappear from the screen in just a few seconds. It may even disappear before you can

comprehend the content. The appearing and the disappearing Snapchat pictures swept the world

of the social networking apps like a wild fire with the increased engagement of the teenagers in

the app. Some of the snaps are lost into oblivion while some are immortalized by taking a quick

screenshot and featuring in the site Snapchat leaked.

The leak of Snapchat pictures

The question which troubled both the users and the critics alike is where did these snap

disappear to and whether it is possible to revive them back. Snapchat claimed that the Snapchat

pictures get auto-deleted after the prescribed time. The users however had the question in

mind whether they can ever revive the pictures that got auto deleted even before they could

properly understand it. The leak of the millions of photos a few months back however created

speculations all over the world regarding the hack of the servers of Snap chat. The officials

of Snapchat later claimed that the leak was not the result of the hack of their servers and that

the leak was the result of the use of the third party apps alike Snapsave. The users still were

confused whether the snaps really got deleted forever.

Forensic tools can revive the deleted pictures

Some of the forensic departments however claim that the pictures could be revived back and they

do not disappear forever. Snapchat was more appealing to the users because of the disappearing

photos and videos and some of the people believe that the Snapchat may lose its position and

popularity if the claim is proved to be true. Teenagers use this app mainly because of the unique

feature of the appearing and the disappearing photos and so critics believe that if the claims

are true they may not find this platform to be reliable enough to snap and share what they feel

without any restriction. The app Snapchat will not be special anymore of the pictures could be


What Snapchat has to say about the recovery of the deleted photos?

Some teenagers however claim that if the disappeared photos and videos could be revived back,

it will be more appealing to them as they will be able to view the auto-deleted pictures again

which had disappeared even before they can make anything out of it. Keeping aside all these

speculations, the officials of Snapchat broke the silence on the claim of the forensic departments.

It asserted that the pictures and the videos get deleted from the phones and the computers in the

same way it can get deleted from the mobile phones and the computers. So, the deleted pictures

and videos can be revived back using the right forensic tools.


However the officials of this social networking app suggest that the process to revive back the

deleted Snapchat pictures can take hours and may charge a huge amount.

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