The Features Of Snapchat Make It More Endearing To Kids Than Face book-hmm could be a dodgy face

Suppose you have uploaded your skimpily-clad selfies while in Facebook. Your colleague ‘liked it’

but next day reported to others in office. For many adults these embarrassing moments happens in

life due to Facebook till this social network site has given the users the opportunities like restricted

viewing or limiting friends in the list. But LinkedIn is not so considerate. No doubt, LinkedIn gives

your professional life a smart look but also, it is the ground for various corporate headhunters to poach

suitable professionals. So nobody dares to upload their informal, silly photos in LinkedIn.
Hmm Could Be A Dodgy FaceHmm Could Be A Dodgy Face

Why Snapchat is like an Oasis for youngsters these days?

When Snapchat was born, the pundits frowned on its feature of ‘vanishing contents within 10 seconds

of sharing’ and many doubted the future of Snapchat. But gradually, not only Snapchat has been able to

see over ‘350 million snaps are being sent everyday’, it also has a radical fan base among youngsters-
who love the temporality Snapchat gives their contents, and they don’t feel embarrassed after, about

what they have uploaded in the internet.

And for those who feel little sadness about the fleeting nature of Snapchat, can also share their photos in unabashedly and with permanence.

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