Everlasting news value of Snapchat

Snapchat is one most controversial social media app; apart from that the fast feature is one way

by virtue of which Snap chat is known to people. Snaps that are send to people drops into the

original server after a stipulated time as promised by the authority of the app. But the app is not

in the right direction, as all the personal information and snaps were being hacked and posted in

the various websites. Snapchat’s everlasting news value is one of the reasons behind such a huge

fan base of the app.

Top ten Snapchat news

• Yahoo is making investment in this snapchat to start up a new messaging app, as

suggested by the authentic sources.

• Kleiner is also is news making an investment into Snapchat, according to sources it is

claimed the venture-capital company is investing a huge amount by May.

• Alibaba is also having talks with one of the fastest apps of the generations.

• Facebook is in process of developing a similar app to snapchat, after the company

rejected the bid offered by the Facebook.

• Snapchat is looking to tighten the security restrictions and settles all the regulation with

the US Regulator.

• A security loophole has lead to the compromising of the millions of accounts of the users

of the app.

• Hackers have posted informations of roughly 4.5 million users on a specific website.

• Snapchat ranked among the top smartphone apps of the 2013 with other popular apps

like the candy crush, vine and etc.

• Snapchat’s images sharing rates have increased a great deal, and it has raised 50 million

dollars with that.

• Discovery feature of the Snap chat is one of recent apps which are responsible for

educating the youth.

Newsworthiness of Snapchat

News all over the world are grasped various importance like geographical proximity or major

attraction mainly, but recently Snapchat has seen the bulk of the popularity. This popularity is

due to various reasons like the security lapse and the finalization of deals with many of the major

investors and media giants. The news of Snapchat is constantly updating with all the features

also like the discovery app, which is suggested to have news, entertainment and advertisements


With all the above types of news of a single app, it can be concluded that it is an everlasting

newsworthy app. And app being such a hit among the youth, the news of it is also a hit like

the features tally. The recent upgradations of the features tally is also a news because of the

popularity of the app. And with Snapchat, it is incorporating news among its features tally, it

will definitely be an interesting concept.

To sum up

Snapchat is one of the fastest apps of the generation and it is constantly updating its features

tally. With such a huge fan base it sure that any minor change in the features of the app will also

get a place on the news charts constantly.

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