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Snapchat and News- the world shrinks into your palm

The eventful year 2014 will be a memorable year to the people of this present era from

the massacre of Brazil in World cup football to the mass killing in Pakistan, the incidents

stir up the whole world. Snapchat has also made his place in the list of the most discussed

and talked about topic in this year. The prime reasons behind this are the leakage videos

and photos of its users. The developers of this app has tried to eradicate entire accusation

from their shoulder and removing all the doubts and questions it still remains in the leading

position in popularity list.

Snapcash, a ground-breaking feature in the field of social app

In this year Snapchat has introduced several new features in order to engage the users more

into the app. And in the month of November they have announced a pioneering feature in

the app world. The feature is completely unique in the provision of communicative app and

there is hardly any social app in the field who has taken this initiative before. Through this

platform the user can transfer money between snapchat accounts. The process is safe and

there is no further risk of revealing personal information.

Attribution of Snapcash:

Snapchat launched the feature in partnership with Square, a mobile payment service. This

feature allows the user to transfer money. Square will regulate the actual cash transfer; the

deal also permits Square to access the active users of their popular app.

The user who are of and more than 18 years old and posses a debit card can utilize the

feature. The feature will soon roll out into Android phones. They are hopeful of introducing

the app in iOS phone very soon.

When the user will sign up for Snapcash, an account will be created in Square. The users

of this app must add debit account which will be stored by Square. To assure the users the

developers announced that any information on the debit will not be stored. And after the

completion of the process, transferring money will be easy and straightforward. The user will

not find any sort of complicacy; all the steps are clearly stated and indicated.

Prevention is taken in order to safeguard the information

Though the developers have assured the users about the safety and security of this feature,

but still now clouds of doubt remain into the mind of the user due to its leak of videos

and pictures and thus over the popularity of the app a question mark exists. For the

acknowledgement of the user it is necessary to mention, that Snapchat has eradicated all the

third part app, which were proved to be harmful to the app. actually the third party app was

responsible due to the massive leak.

As the third party apps are now removed that’s why there is no further risk of leaking out

personal information through this app. The users can now enjoy the utility of this path

breaking feature and with this life will be far easier and hassle free.

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