heres johnny my lover-Snapchat is also used for recruitment purpose

We often use social media depends on our sake. It is very easy to get the access on various things

through social media platform. Now a day snapchat is also used for recruitment purpose also.

Huge number of people has the access of social media. So it is very easy to spread news through

the help of Snapchat or through the application like this.

What is Snapchat?

It is an instant image sharing and video messaging mobile app which offers us to share short

video clips and photos with our friends and close ones. Snapchat is one of those applications

which can smoothly run in android phones and in iPhone too. We can easily access it through

smart phones. This photo sharing application has the ability to choose the recipients. After

downloading the app, you have to take a photograph to share. By this process you can easily get

connected with your close ones. It also allows us to remove the photograph from the

application’s server completely after some second. While sending those images we can easily

regulate the timing. By the help of this the visibility period of the picture is decided. It is a fun

sharing application. You can also take short clip of videos. Drawing images, different types of

quotes and writing text with SnapchatHeres Johnny My LoverHeres Johnny My Lover

How it can be used in recruitment process

Recruitment process is itself very lengthy process. Step by step regulations and verifications are

attached with it. Snapchat mostly deals in sharing photographs instantly. So it has the capability

to spread the news very fast. Accessibility of various news channel and sports channels are also

attached with snapchat. So any news of recruitment is easily spread over through it.

You just have to take a snapchat photo of the recruitment news and it can be forwarded directly

to other recipients. It has the facility of sharing and sending videos directly. So you can shoot a

short video of yourself and send it to the recruitment board directly. There is no need to keep

those stills because snapchat itself has the ability to dissolve that thing after certain period of

time. Video interview introduction and screening tool options are also there which leads the

process more fluently. Young people are mostly the users of this app so it is very beneficial to

them to send their C.V. or other important documents through snapshot video option. This

method will also helps in mass recruitment process. Many companies have already using this

new feature to showcase their event and programme in it. Other companies are already using

Snapchat’s Discover in a variety of ways. For an example channel like CNN can also post the

news of recruitment and the criteria of it. So users can easily capture the snapshots of those

important articles which are needed there and swipe it over and send it through the help of

snapchat. You don’t need to rush out and to go to the recruitment office for it. You can easily

keep those numbers and contacts of the companies also in your phone.

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