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Snapchat Is in Partnership Talks with BuzzFeed, Time, Others

Interesting news, the photo sharing app company Snapchat is said to be in negotiations with

enterprises like Vice, Spotify, Comedy Central to launch Discover. It is understood that a section

within the application will serve the users article and blog, contents, dirty videos, music

manufactured by popular media enterprises.

Snapchat’s partnering with other media moguls

Besides Vice, the company is pondering on partnerships with news and media companies like

CNN, Buzzfeed, the daily Mail, Hearst, ESPN, National Geographic, Vevo, and Time Inc.

Spokesperson at Vevo and ESPN acknowledged that they are pretty much interested in working

with Snapchat. But other media companies were very much reserved when their comments in

this matter were sought. Also, in this regard, the photo sharing company in context preferred to

remain silent.

Need for partnership programs of the company with other media companies

The ambitions of the company are quite high so far as media distributions are concerned. It is

believed that partnership programs of Snapchat with certain media companies will prove to be

highly successful as they are extremely creative about still imagery and video. And if the

company can provide to its valued users text and audio message services then it can expect to

become the most sought after application in the App world.

The company boast about its users and audiences most of whom are young. It feels that it can

attract more audiences by tying up with reputed media publishing houses. Text partners like

Vice, Buzzfeed and Time Inc are making significant progress in business with the company.

Strategies and priorities of Snapchat

The partnership named as Discover encompasses contents created by the above mentioned

companies. Being a business house with offices in the Silicon valley the company prioritizes on

doing business with partner enterprises, simultaneously retaining a portion of the revenue

collected in the process.

The most interesting feature of the Discover is that media distributed through it changes

periodically and thus it is important on the part of the users to check the contents on a routine


The media collection available in Discover ranges from being short to long. Surveys revealed

that users have exhibited their keenness on reading longer stories in their mobiles. Though

Snapchat’s product was scheduled to be released in the month of November, but owing to a few

technical issues the actual date of launch is not known.

The strategy adopted by the company is very similar to that of Facebook’s. It is not known

whether the FaceBook followed it or vice versa. But as a matter of fact, Facebook made a buyout

offer to the company which the later vociferously refused. Reports say that other companies are

launching apps that are akin to those launched by the company.

In this competitive environment, every enterprise in the IT sector is planning to make their way

to the top and therefore it is very much required for this photo sharing company to do something

different that can allure more and more web users to register with the app. Its logical that greater

business undoubtedly enhances the company’s credibility in terms of revenue earning. Although

it is a popular name in contemporary IT space and therefore there has been efforts on the part of

the company management to sustain it with time.

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