hello dirty snapchat-Famous Brands are in Snapchat’s New Service

Share your emotion by the pictures with your friends or close one, through Snapchat app. It is a

social networking app, and is one of the most popular social networking apps. The popularity of

this picture sharing app is getting increased day by day. In fact this app has gained its popularity

within a very short period of its origin. Now it has defeated almost all of its competitors. The

new services of the app like Snapchat Discovery, text chat, video calling etc. are enough to gain

more popularity. Those services are really very effective, and are very helpful to provide the

users more facilities. Now the app is completed with those new services. A person does not need

to go for another app as he/ she will get everything in this social networking app.

The Snapchat Discovery

Snapchat has started their new service named Snapchat Discovery this month. It has been

service as a hot topic of discussion among most of the Medias since the last year. The news was

first spread by the Wall Street Journal, they first disclosed about this new service of Snapchat

app. And now this service is in use. News, articles, Snapchat stories, advertises all are included

in this service. In fact the service can be called an an online magazine, and for the digital

advertising this service is taking a major role. Various companies and brands are interested to

promote their products in this new service of Snapchat. McDonald is such a company that is

involved in promoting their products in this social networking site. McDonald is a very famous

and popular food brand and they want to promote their foods to the teenagers mainly because

most of the Snapchat users are teenage boys and girls.Hello Dirty SnapchatHello Dirty Snapchat

Importance of advertising in Snapchat Discover

Snapchat is a very popular social networking app of this time and the company wants to utilize

this popularity, for that they have started this new service mainly for advertising the products of

various brands. The promotion will be perfect and successful as there are millions of users in this

app. The main users of this app are the teenagers. A report says that the half of the total Snapchat

users is the United States teenage boys and girls, age between 13 to 17 years. And as the main

users of this app are the young generation, the teenage brands are more interested in promoting

their brands in this service of Snap chat. The food and cosmetic brands are also very interested

in promoting their products. This is the policy of those brands, and for that they can reach to the

millions of users of Snapchat very easily.

Various companies and brands are interested to promote their brands in this service of Snapchat

as it is a wide platform for advertising. The market experts are saying that this will be a biggest

success of Snapchat as they will get huge response both from the companies and users. Along

with the image sharing the app is also effective in advertising.

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